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I miss watching Digimon so much. I use to hate the fact that everyone in my elementary school use to give me the 'are you insane' face when I said I liked Digimon over Pokemon in class because they we're obsessed with Pokemon. (until they eventually got on the Digi train!) But Digimon was awesome (I still watch my 20s even though I don't like the new season...-___-U).
Digimon got me hooked because you are able to develop one relationship with one Digimon. I kinds felt bad for the Pokemon since they're being herded into containers for fighting purposes. XD (I dunno that's how I always saw it).

Digimons has way more awesome evolutions :P

the biggest reason why digimon are better than pokemon, in my own messed up mind, is that the digimon actually speak and you don't have to guess wat their trying to say.

"Tai tai!"
"Wat is it Agumon?!"
"Gabumon fell down the well!"
"Oh my gosh, its a gud thing u can talk, or we would have been here all day"


"Pik-Pikachu Pika Pik Pika Peek!"
"Wats that pikachu, bulbasaur fell down the well???"
"Pikachu Pika Pik!!"
"Charmander is about to be shot into outer-space???"
"Peek Pikachu Pika Pika!!!"
"Oooooh, you're just hungry..."

See the difference... =3

I understand pokémon perfectly. ಠ_ಠ

@Lycan Same here, in fact if you pay attention Pikachu has a specific language that is understandable.

I've only watched about 6 episodes from both anime's, none of the movies or played any of the games, so I can't say anything about the story line or character development but i can say that i liked Digimon better simply because of the art and animation.
I saw Pokemon after watching DragonBall Z, so i had gotten quite used to the more complicated drawing style and better artwork. Also, i was much older by then (my country gets anime years later), so i craved something visually more appealing and more..teenager-like because to me Pokemon looked like it's made for 8year olds.

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