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First of all, Here's the link:
Making an account was super easy!

I thought this site was awesome, and I really recommend it. It probably have every card from the actual game, at least it had all the cards from my current IRL deck! There are a sick amount of players online as I'm writing (4k +). My idea with this thread was to make a list of the Yu-Gi-Oh! players on this site and hopefully also their Duelingnetwork names, to make it easier to add eachother as friends and play against eachother.

Oh and we're of course using the official ban-list

The list:
@Lycan : LycanDesu
@Claire-chan : Heiwajima19
@AkiraSaki : Myonsaki
@InsaneBoredGame : InsaneBoredGame
@Deathy : Invasian
@wewbot : wewbot
@MrTrain : Sour Milk
@OverSol : OverSol
@Tiamoko : Tiamoko
@wanderlust : sieghrt
@juice : juice
@Jacek : Ariyu
@Viral : Shibuyashadow
@ShounenBoy : ShounenBoy
@ x Zetta x : x-Zetta-x
@Warlock : Azure Kite
@Izzykun : Izzykun
@shifter : ItalianoDude
@Rekka777 : Rekka
@ Usui Takumi : Usui Takumi
@Decae : Decae
@Animeshifter : Animeshifter
@ Mairu Orihara : Mairu_orihara
@Kuru : Kuru
@Makato : Stoplight
@TK-421 : Bamboo
@Deftones : Deftones
@iwish3 : vegeto:D
@Hulz : Hulz
@RawrRiceball : RawrRiceball


We'll be using a rule system me an a friend developed. We thought all the newest decks are way too over-powered and not very fun to play with. So we decided to make really crappy decks, but still with combos that work out pretty well. I thought these rules made pretty fair and really fun duels, so I'll be using them in this tournament!

  • Your Deck must have a heme based on a Type (Dragon, aqua etc.)
  • A maximum of 4 monsters outside of specified type.
  • Each deck may have up to 45 cards. (minimum 40)
  • No monster may be higher than level 7.
  • At least 8 normal monsters with max atk and def 2000.
  • Max stats (Atk or Def) 2000. Main cards have max 2400!*
  • Only TWO monsters (Main cards) may exceed the 2000 limit.
  • No synchro monsters allowed. Tuners are OK.
  • Max 2 different fusion monsters. (3 of each allowed)

And we're using the advanced rules too, so the normal banlist still applies. You may not use Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning for example.

Each deck has to be accepted by me, the judge.
Only accepting eight(8) duelists per tournament!

PM a Decklist to me to enter the tournament!
Try and keep it on a LOW but Balanced level. Normal Monsters with below 1600 stats makes me smile. But if you want to go with max stats, it's OK.

*A Main card is the monster the deck is built around. Like Kaiba's Blue-eyes White Dragon. Your main card does not have to exceed 2000.

Here's an example Red-Eyes Deck I made:

There are some deck themes that will be banned, but I don't really feel like posting them. Be prepared to have your deck rejected if I find it too good for this tournament. But you just have to make a new, more worthless deck. I know it can be hard, but believe in yourself and your drill shall pierce the heavens.

These are the ones who are in the tournament so far:
@Oversol @ x Zetta x @Viral @iwish3 @Johtoh @Hulz

Please, post your username at
and I will add it to the list. But then I will delete your post to keep the thread clean and good looking!


Enter the chat I linked in the first post if you wanna duel
or talk about the game with fellow Colorless!

I add everyone on the list to my friendlist, you all should do the same!
Profile Viewer -> Enter the users username -> Add friend!
That way you can see who's online and easily send them instant messages and maybe challenge them?

I will not be able to internet for three weeks (25 July - 14 august) for reasons I cannot explain, because it's secret. Sadly this means the tournament will be on-hold. But that doesn't stop you guys from playing Yugi, right?!

I would like to join but these rules are just way too demanding. I understand not wanting to play against some of the newer decks but this is ridiculous. You're punishing good decks with these rules and preventing whole decktypes from being played in this tournament. What about burn, mill decks, etc? I might join the next tournament if the rules aren't this strict next time.


Dude i know how ya feel. but its pretty cool making a whole new deck to be in the tournament.

Its not just for the sake of "OP decks" or "Badass lockdowns" the rules were made so everyone can start equally.

@OverSol Yeah but we're all starting on super shitty terms and I don't like that. Like I said before, I'll join the next tournament if the rules aren't so strict.


Actually, lol. you dont need a 4G comp to play this game, the lagg can actually be ignored.


I See where you're coming from. Hope you can make it to the next one


Gotta hurry up with the Participants, The crowds getting reckless Lols and the brackets, i'm Anxious to make it already. Check it out At Colorless Dueling Tournament!! But as you can see... it is empty -3-

@Tiamoko I can't say it's not a shitty level and I can understand you don't want to play with these rules... I know I pretty much took the majority of all decktypes away and that some decktypes gain a huge advantage when no synchros and higher level monsters are allowed. But as I said, I'm gonna take a look at every deck and if a deck is taking too much advantage I'll ask the user to balance it. I've seen a crazy cool deck that didn't violate any rules but still had great potential.
Burn and Mill decks can still be used as long as they're not too good. All I wanted was a really fair tournament~

@Oversol calm your tits, I'll have you make your beloved brackets
when we have our 8 duelists~

In other news, the badge is being designed at this very moment

signs up

Ign: Stoplight
Apparantly I was banned for 2 days for typing in caps with my friend in a duel. So yeah, gotta wait 2 days. :C

Rawr! If only I wasn't too lazy to get to making a deck ^^" Plus I am in the process of going back to Kentucky, but when I get back expect me to have ALOT of time on my hands


Ummm is there any room left for the tourney? Cause I thought it would be epic to join :3

There's still room for more duelists, Yes!

hey lycan imma join too then

As I've said before:
To join the tournament you have to PM me your decklist!



DO NOT ASK ME TO CHANGE UP THE BRACKETS With this being said, Please Stop asking for me to put you with either your friends or with a "Noob". Next person to ask i will notify @Lycan, Resulting to Disqualification. And/Or in other words STFU AND GTFO BITCHES!



Dude, Update the tourny Deadlines .

You are on the old site. New site is here:

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