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i am here

EDIT: should at least have some hypothetical start of teh tournament, just to let some date known.

Ugh okay: Hypothetical start in two weeks. The weekend 2-4 september. If we do not have enough people by then we'll wait another two weeks.

then we need to start recruiting...

@Oversol sorry for asking so much questions... i'll try to learn how to use the website before the tournament :(.

@Hulz (sorry I've been pretty busy these past few days)
I honestly didn't care to go through the video because I couldn't stand it. We're using the official rules. I believe they're called "advanced". Also check this site out. And while we're on it I might as well add the official ban-list link to the opening post!

@iwish3 If there's anything fuzzy about the messy rules I've come up with, don't be afraid to ask!

Bump because two weeks has gone by!
We have two more users who have PM'ed me their Decklists. Small changes needs to be done but I added them on the list with tournament duelists! Some of the decks we've got so far get harshly restricted by my rules and lose lots of potential... this brings manry tears to my eyes, BUT THEY MANAGE ANYWAY AND THIS MAKES ME SMILE AGAIN.

However, seeing as we still don't got 8 duelists for the tournament I'm assuming we'll have to wait even longer. I'd like to set next weekend as the new "deadline", but I'm busy that weekend. Therefore we'll wait another two weeks!

Lol i swear you and a your manry tears <3

Yeah so it's friday again (at least at my place)
If we get a few more people we can start the tournament! If not,
we'll just postpone another week or two...

On another note, I'm up for a duel or two!

Yeah Hi again. There won't be anything this weekend.
Neither will it next weekend. You know what? How about people just duel eachother for fun on the weekends instead of this weird-ass tournament? It's more fun to play for fun, right?

So Next weekend, Saturday!
Colorless Yu-gi-oh free-for-all duels!

I won't be online because I'm out of town.

It's time to~


i'm sorry, i couldn't resist.

How about we just have a normal tournament? I still want that yugioh colorless badge

This is kinda off topic but I couldnt really find another online dueling thread.
Question: Anyone here use DMG (Duel Monsters Genesis)?
((Should I just start another thread?))

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