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Help France (avaaz) (Thread)

I didn't want to create a thread just for that but I didn't find where to post it.

Anyway, Sarkozy came up with a new decree which allow the government to shut down any websites which would be a "threat for the public order" without the approval of a judge. Avaaz started a petition to prevent the passage of this law.
I know this mostly concern only France and I don't expect a lot of reply, even two or three people signing the petition would be enough. :)

==> Here <==

Thank you and sorry for my english, I'm still learning it.

Just signed. =D

@Roar have you forgotten what site your on. I'm sure we all would love to pitch in and support this cause.

@VivoDePyre, @Settsuo-kun thank you ! I am very grateful to the both of you :).

Done sir...

Signed. And I'm sure others will be willing to sign as well.


For the French~

Je l'ai fait! Bonne chance et j'espere qu'il y aura du succes! (Je m'excuse s'il y a des erreurs, j'ai oublié le francais!) Your English is pretty good :)

C'est signé!
J'ai aussi partagé la cause sur Facebook et Twitter! ;D

The petition is completed halfway! Just a little more effort, everyone!

@Everyone : Thank you very much !
@Kubinashi-Rider : Don't worry your french is better than most of the french people nowadays, @n1xx as well not even a single mistake. :)

signed and bumped

Sure, why not. :) Parapluie~~



Do you have a link to the original text of the bill or decree?


80,719th signer:)

@Everyone : Thank you again !
@Shigeru : Yes, you can find it here but obviously it's in french. The law (LCEN) isn't new, it was adopted in 2004 but some decrees were not as this one (at least for the moment).


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