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Oh this is still here (Thread)

For whatever reason, I forgot this site existed for a while. Hi again. Am I still a rainbow?

Pink like a penis, still.

Man. How has everyone been? I know you didn't miss me.

i just joined thus i had no idea you existed... sorry about that

Note to self: brewers6655 is the kind of guy who apologizes for the most inane things.

I knew you existed and never had an opinion about you, but I'd thumb up @Sushi if I still could

Welcome back. I also did not have an opinion of you. ;D

Same as @Sushi but more like I forgot about you. No hard feelings. .__.

I knew you existed, but didn't realize that you were gone and you're not Sir Rainbows anymore.

Forgot you existed, going to have to go with Sushi on being reminded

So, I say "I know you didn't miss me" and you all say you didn't miss me. Thanks for restating the obvious. Next, I'd like to order some of the "answer my question," please.

How has everyone been?

I'm pretty sure I already asked, but hey, I might be misreading my previous post! :P

Hilarious as I remember. Still I do miss the rainbow, made me remember unicorns and cake for some reason.

Now to answer the question. Not to bad, just trying to find my creative spark i left behind a while ago.

Now I ask a question. How have you been pink-bordered member?

'sup man, long time no see! I hope you've been goooood.
Because I sure feel good.

Now go out there and make some threads worth reading, a'ight?! <3

@Settuso-kun: creative spark!! I haven't written much recently, which sucks. I feel like a slob. Maybe I'll fix that starting this month. As for how I've been... been alright. Tutoring little kids. Playing lots of D&D.

@Lycan: I don't think I'm capable of that...

I third what Sushi said

@astrogaijin you are contributing nothing to this thread

@lolikitsune I'm a girl ^^;

Girl, guy, does it matter?
(Yes, it matters, but not really in the context of one-off forum posts.)

@lolikitsune I am feeling you I have lurked for like a month and have missed some stuff. I need a dose of oldfag quickly!

Hahaha, totally dude. You know what it is for me, I think it's school. When I'm procrastinating a paper, this is my favorite refuge from reality! But in these summer doldrums, I just sit on my ass all day long...

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