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MIKUBOOK.COM!!! (Thread)

hows the site?


Just announced at Anime Expo!

new website launched by vocaloid. its a very early beta but the concept is kick ass. name is kinda lame though :/

sign up and check it out
accounts can be made with Facebook, Twitter, or simply making a Mikubook account.

Ive already found a tun of songs I've never heard of (all awesome) and the site hasn't even been up for an hour yet XD

what do you guys think?

Could you please remove the "Bitches" from the thread title? Try to make the best possible impression~
Oh, and putting a screenshot/picture into the opening post will generate more interest as well!

@DarkChaplain sorry bout the "bitches", was in a trollin mood XD

didnt have time to upload a pic when I posted but im back now :]

@Smadz exactly why I thought it would be better to remove that xD" Don't wanna attract these other hardcore trolls of CL :')
Take your time, just giving tips~

D: I can't sign up for some reason.

@MrTrain try using Facebook or twitter, thats what I did. the site is brand new so their login servers might be crashing, the site was most likely announced at Anime Expo not to long ago so they probably have a tun of traffic

@DarkChaplain yeah thanks :] im not rilly a troll but I need to be slapped once in awhile XD

on another note, this damn website made me max out my ipod... now I need a new one >.<

@Smadz What do you mean by that?
I press the join now button and am lead to a page that only says "Sign up with..." nothing else

@MrTrain yep, they crashed alright XD

it says " Update Server in Maintenance. Please Try Again Later. "

just try again in a few hours, the site is still usable without an account

Their server is in maintenance, so um, yeah.

Dat Matryoshka.

Site is back up, sadly accounts need to be re created

You are on the old site. New site is here:

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