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Ki-Rin's Knowing Your Neighbor Game!!! (Thread) - Page 12

idk who i got for round 7 XD cause there is no list O.o

I'll join for the round 8

@Lhyunsu the list for 7 is above the empty list of 8

im sorry everyone but this game will not continue and someone else will have to pick it up because im slowly but surely quitting CL, this is due to really wanting to make amends with people that ive built relationships with.. in any case it has been wonderful being your host and i feel lucky to have met all of you and feel a shred of humanity for once :)

i thank you all <3

Well -Stretches- Ill Do it. Making amends with people is great!. ill probably wont do vids like you do, but im sure i can think of a way somehow... BWAAAHHH this was a good game ^^ and it was also a great time knowing you rainbow ^^...

so you've decided?.. yeah.. it was great knowing u too.. ;x;


bet your heart dropped when you read that... Lol i didn't decide yet. i need one more hour and ill tell you :D

@oversol ;A; it did!!!!!.. but n.n''' its fine.. take as much time as you need

my neighbor is not responding to me...both of them

and you spelled my name wrong in the last list..
but said it right

i am not fond of your guest

more girls

and /in for next round

@InvisibleRainbow WE DO CARE!So stop checking your phone!jk

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