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Best Original Starter Pokemon? (not including Pika) (Thread)

Fav original starter pokemon? (not pika)


Best Original Starter Pokemon? (not including Pika) vote!

Charmander .

thats what im saying! haha vote for him please! :D

hahahahahahahahahhahah where the heck is that from?!

Of course Charmander. Only because I'm a fire starter kind of guy. But I started with Yellow so i got all three at some point. I'd still trade any starter for a cyndaquil though.

I always go for a fire starter Pokemon. It's easy to get a Grass or Water type early in the game, but not a Fire type. :D

heck yes!! haha char is takin over :3

It's OBVIOUSLY best to start off with Bulbasaur.

Grass is effective against the TWO FIRST gym's (Rock and then water), while not being weak against the first what, 6?

Fire (Charmander) is weak against the second Gym (Water)

Water (Squirtle) is weak against the third (Lightning) AND fourth (Grass) gym.

If you don't have a water pokémon yet when you reach the seventh gym, you're a dumbass.

I rest my case.

@ranglegoose effectiveness doesnt always matter, if ur lvld higher or have higher attacks, u pwn hard

@sushi hahah ikr? and im a girl & i agree with that statement

Be it sissy or not.

Bulbasaur is still the best theoretical choice.

@ranglegoose theoretically, yes. In real life? Char pwns!

@sushi exactly! hahahahah good times n.n -pulls out my ds to play now.. hahaha-

Charmander > Bulbasaur > Squirtle imo - never really liked the water types...

@krysis but they are cute tho :3

Squirtle ftw :D I always start with water type pokemon anyways XD

I love how competitively speaking, Charizard is one of the worst starters ever made and Venusaur is pretty top tier. Venusaur > Charizard so Bulbasaur > Charmander. Squirtle is awesome solely because of his awesome hydro pump in the show.

uhm... charizard and venusaur arent starters.. jussayin..

Obviously you did not read the rest of the post and they are still evolutions of the starters.

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