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Best Original Starter Pokemon? (not including Pika) (Thread) - Page 3

Fav original starter pokemon? (not pika)


@yostu ho-ly shit

Dratini is da best starter.

I dont know if it just me but i could never win the game with a water or glass starter x.x I dont know why. Maybe I used Fire starters too much and dont know how to beat the game without them?
Still Charmander FTW <3

OMG Bulbasaur, y u so underrated?
Maybe it's just plain nostalgy, but I DEFINITELY prefer Bulbasaur. I mean, I'm no progamer or so and pretty uninformed about stats etc., but I feel best with a grass-starter at my side.

Many people prefer fire though, maybe it's because it seems more... aggressive? Idk, haha. But fighting Brock with Bulbasaur/Squirtle was so pimp.

I threw my starter the fuck away and used a Pidey I captured at the beginning for the entire game. For the first gym, I spammed sand attack until they couldn't hit for shit and then unleashed my tackle and gust. Real men use the common flying pokemon instead of starters.

Pfffft ya'll don't know about mah magikarp ! i seriously caught on and used Splash. untill he got tackle. AFTER THAT IT WAS GARYDOS ALL THE WAAY

what i would use:
fire: tepig, charmander or cyndaquil
water: squirtle, piplup, or oshawott* (*considering samurott's epicness)
grass: snivy, bulbasaur, or turtwig

the best:
fire: Tepig or Charmander (i cant decide!)
water: Piplup, motherfucker.
grass: Snivy or Bulbasaur (again, icd!)

i didnt use any in the hoenn region, because i have yet to beat the hoenn region. Pokemon RSE 3DS remake PUREEZU!!!

@Oversol: Evolving Magikarp into Gyarados only makes it weaker; it's better if it's kept as a Magikarp. Splash and flail are the way to go.

im torn, i love all 3 so much its like picking a favorite child... a favorite destructive, fire breathing child.... that would be awesome.... o.o that was a suprizingly easy choice ^^ go charizard

Yeah, I need the 3rd Gen remake NOW. I was fully satisfied with the 2nd Gen remake (Johto is my favorite ʘ‿ʘ) and now I can't wait to visit Hoenn again. The music in that Gen was awesome.

Squirtle > Charmander > Bulbasaur > Squirtle
Oh... Wait a minute...

Whos awesome!Dont knwo about you guys but my first pokemon ever was a Black Charmander,yes I said black!I got a shiny right from the start XD.My charmander was the best all who take the easy rout and get a water or grass obviously are too lazy =P,you put the work in and your pokemon can beat anything hell every pokemon I took my time to train can beat the elite for by itself.Ya my Black Charizard stomped the elite four alone.
Thow personally I like Mewtwo =P,he was a total badass on my game XD.

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