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Announcing Artists&Clients, an art marketplace (Thread)

New from Gargron, founder of TheColorless and our current dev, is Artists&Clients! It's a stab at making art commissions easier for both the artist and the buyer~

It's still in production, but is nearing completion. Sign up on the site, with only your email address, to be notified when it is completed.

Ask any questions about how the site is set up,how commissions will work, or most anything you'd like, and I'll do my best to answer them in a timely fashion.

herpin' a derp, reserving this post for whatever use I can think to squeeze out of it.

He stole Jin's robot... =w=

@Decae It is used with permission as far as I know

Hmm, signed up. My graphic making skills are so limited though. /Sigh

Yeah, got word from Gargron, it is used with permission. He even commissioned Jin to do more art for the site.

That's awesome! Jin is an amazing artist, he'll be fantastic.

yes that his true ive seen his work theyre awsome

Signed up as well. Great idéa!

signed up.

Looks awesome :D

this is an awesome idea! just signed up


I think this belongs to Art more than to Projects

signed up days ago

It's been a month now, will this be done soon, or next year?

This idea is now

It's not dead but it's post-poned, I've got a lot else to do sadly.

i just signed for that Artists&Clients thing and what do i do with it

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