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You're favorite cosplay costume? Who would you go dressed up (Thread)

I'm going to this cosplay convention
So i'm going as Lelouch from Code Geass
Tell me what would you dress up as/
I would Love to know.

I'm going to make a Galactic Pretty Boy cosplay 8D

My brother >:D

I'm trying to cosplay as Shizuo.
I'm even going to make a yield sign or something to carry with me.

i would love to dress up as Halibel from Bleach but the con im going to soon im going as Hannah Annafellows from Kuroshitsuji.. I love her Demon form.. but i'll prob go as the maid form.. not sure

I cosplayed as a Prinny... Fun times~ also found a Prinny shirt! Felt so compleat when i had it on...

Matoryoshka Gumi. Tried it a few days ago. I gave up after half-an-hour. Couldn't keep the wig and hood on. Too freaking hot.



@MyogiWarrior34 your post win

If I cosplayed I'd do Kyoya from Ouran, because I look exactly like him anyway. It's creepy (and delightful to my best friend).

I have cosplayed a half good Kagura (fruits basket), made a nice cat-pack, and Hungary (Hetalia). I made most of hungary by myself/with mother and I really like that one. I also made a Momoka (sket dance) cosplay but I changed my mind after the anime came out so I havn't cosplayed her yet.

For a next cosplay I will be in a gruope with my friend and her sister, and possible the sisters friend, and that will probebly be a Blue/Ao Exorcist groupe and I wan't to do Shimeis kimono if that isn't all to hard, if it is I might do the puppet guy instead.

And it's plenty of others that I want to do, but I did't have many alternatives before beecause I was afraid of buying wigs from internet, but it's so hard to decied! But I would like to do a cosplay with a cool prop or a cool dress/outfit. And crossplay would be fun! I guess that half the "guys" at my last con was girls crossplaying. Haha.

Well, this was long... But I'm really into cosplay, haha. :) (Sorry for possible spelling missatakes, have a tiny keyboard now and no spellcheck.)

I was Liechtenstein this year and my brother was Switzerland from Hetalia.
It was either last year or the one before that I was Lizzy from Black Butler.

They weren't very good because I am a little low on money...

I would cosplay as Goku from Dragon Ball Z..... What?
Actually I'm gonna go to a cosplay convention after few months I plan on getting the Goku costume done.

Dude I want to see that cosplay your doing,Lelouch is awesome!

Nico Robin from One Piece xD I love Cow-girls <3 or maby Haruhi Suzumiya dressed in the bunny outfit =3

Yuuki Cross/Kuran from Vampire Knight. Also Izaya Orihara, but a female ver. though. I just need to find the jacket!! It's so hard to find it. Others too.

Making some edits on my Ciel Phantomhive cosplay after the last con I went to(I had some button malfunctions and cuff issues). Its my current favorite cosplay though.

I'm also working on two other cosplays that'll probably be my favorites: Azure Balmung(.hack//G.U.) and Vampire Hunter D.

Zelos Wilder... he's so much cooler than i am... and i want free items

@Shizuo-kun7856 , Izayas jacket is not that hard, if you just find a plain black jacket you can sew on some fur and it's done!

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