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don't use my username.

something like:


would do.


sorry couldn't write one, nothing interesting to write about it/her/him/fag/jelly/not a good troll/CL butt hurt memeber = faggot with no sex life

Violets are blue

Flower is jelly

might as well fry you <3

Oh wait, you have no picture.

U ugly?

I never knew I was so loved that people would copy me <3

kawaii desu desu desu desu

it's okay you jelly cunt bag ( you know who you are <3 ), you can try but you wont make it <3 <3 <3

Lol, you're cute

Note: it's directed at @angelgrinder and his manifold of dupe accounts.
He's a major spammer on chat and no matter how many of his accounts get banned, he'll be back with even more stupid names trying to offend and spam people on our chat.

I laughed hard at this one xDDD

he just signed up another acc.
Of course, it got banned again...


That is all.

Lol the little fucker used me username


so fucking unoriginal.

<3 pure love~

I give this thread 8/10

He also signed up as "someone173Fucker" btw

yeah I know that, though I could care less

He is trying to be me, be all up in my personal little things

or she

I will call it a girl cuz every girl wants to be me

It's kinda annoying that this little bastard knows how to switch his IP, so we can hardly check his accounts.

I'll just blame his period. Once a month he pops up and spams chat for no apparent reason shrugs

Why not close down the sign ups like you did for me?

it wasn't specifically for you, Volkie xD
it was more like an experiment to make CL more like a community of elitists, which didn't work.
oh, but if you had a role in closing registration, its probably because "Garcion" got annoyed by your love.

My love was to much for that faggot.

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