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SO U WANT MY NAME? (Thread) - Page 2

Does Garcion still exist?

good question. Haven't seen him in awhile.

He does. Just not actively on CL, but in the background as our dev. He has laid down his post as admin and community member (deleting all his posts/threads as well) and now is basically out of reach for us normal users - like those without twitter.

That's sad. I'll miss Gargron :(

I never really talked to Garcion unless he was arguing with me. Is he still the host of the site?

Yes he is, but thats not the point of this thread D:

This thread had a point?

@TalTal19, you got it <3

@TalTal19 A someone mad thread

How could someone do this to you, Mein Fuhrer? I WILL HELP YOU ELIMINATE HIM!

Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Why is this a thread?
I lol'd, but still.

Edit: Fuck it. I should read all pages before I post. I second Taltal.

This thread was made when a dupe wannabe troll was making mass account threads which involved volkievolks, DC and someone. Volkie got crazy and spammed 10 threads all about this guy. DC joined them. D: didnt DC make it clear what this thread was for?

I guess it was one of them you had to be there things...


I've only been here for a day, and I've already had someone make a dupe account of me.

I feel flattered. (sort of.)

No wonder our member count got a growth spurt... :/

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