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What cosplay would be fitting for Venice? (Thread)

@CATandRABBIT and me are going on a class trip to Venice in August.
I think most of you would agree that you can't let the chance to have a photoshoot in Venice just pass.
Now there's our problem: We don't know what cosplays would go well with Venice.
We have a few ideas, but can't realize them. I mean, the cosplays need to fit in our bags with all our other stuff.
Also, we're not masters of sewing, at least I'm not, so it can't be that complex or expensive.

So, can you help us a little and tell us what's fitting to Venice?

Ezio Auditore da Firenze...
Either that, or something else Italian.
...yeah. Right.

Venice has always reminded me of the starting towns, in the .hack// franchise.

Anywhere near rivers and bridges would be beautiful places to feature some of the series' characters. I would recommend a Tsukasa x Subaru or even a Shino x Haseo pairing. Venice is known for its romance, so including some pairings in the photoshoot shouldn't be that bad of an idea~

However, the costumes are quite complex, since they are not what you'd usually wear, on an everyday basis. And so, I guess that's the only inconvenience. :'D

If you are unfamiliar with the characters, here are a few screenshots of them:

Subaru and Tsukasa (First Generation Characters with Third Generation Costumes)

Haseo, Shino and Tabby (Second Generation)

how about italy or romano?

or maybe u could also try a character from romeo x juliet.
left to right: francisco, romeo, juliet, curio

To Aru has an arc in Venice, although the priest robes would probably confuse people. xD Also depends who's in your group.

I also agree though that .hack// is probably the best series to do.

Gunslinger Girl might be an option.

Agree with people suggesting .hack//, as one of the main areas in the series is heavily based on Venice, though the picture N1xx used of Subaru and Tsukasa is from LINK (3rd generation), where the costumes seem more ornate; here are the ones from the 1st generation.

Now that you fairly mention it, first generation costumes would fit the scenery so beautifully. Not to mention that a photoshoot, featuring these two, would make us relive the emotional events of the first generation~

I won't develop too much on Tsukasa's case, but the third generation costume does hold a spoiler within itself. The first generation outfit would indeed revive his mysterious side~

i was in venice a few months ago xDD mind you, its not as romantic as you migth think on most places, its really crowded... i think it would be interestign to go to the one island of it that actually has trees and stuff, i looks a little surreal liek that.
also venice is famous for its masks, you know those ballmasks witht he long noses and the awesoem doctormasks, so maybe something featuring them? you can get masks ecverywhere there, cheap ones at tourist shops, or expensive ones at stores.

edit: It's Lazu writing, everyone. xD

Thank you, everyone.
Right now we're thinking of doing Gunslinger Girl or just something with the masks.
But I'm still wondering why no one mentioned Aria or Umineko. xD'

@break I was there too, two years ago. Though it's really crowded, it's also really nice. I was in one of the museums and you were allowed to make photos there and it looks really... venice-like and seems like a good location.

The only acceptable one would be Ezio.

qCATandRABBIT umineko is nice but it doeasnt really ring wizth venice with me. aria is aceptable but its not really good enough to be cosplaying it

@break Well, Beato IS from Italy after all. And I think the witches' outfits all have that romantic feeling about them that Venice is supposed to have too.
I don't care if it's bad or not. You can't have more of that city than in Aria.

you sure? we are sopeaking about the same? whats the full title of the aria your speaking of?

random, but i really like this song.

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