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Johnny's Entertainment (Thread)

For those of you who don't know, JE (aka Johnny&Associates) is a Japanese music agency that forms all sorts of music acts... mostly Japanese boy bands. I was just wondering if anyone else here likes JE bands, and if so, which ones?

As for me, I love KAT-TUN and News ^_^

Two words...


@Kuroba_Loki HELL YES!!! :D I love him so much!! It was a dream come true when he came on tour in the US. My best friend and I saw him in Chicago... Amazing <3

@Ookami-chan WHAAA YOU SAW HIM!!??!!?? -is jealified-

Another two words...

Matumoto Jun .____.

How about this sexy beast?

My sis is OBSESSED with JE!!

Where are all the JE fans from? As I implied, I live in the US ^_^

NewS, Arashi, KAT-TUN!!!! they are amazing! i would love to see them live...>< i do wish some of these jpop stars would come to the UK..><

is anyone else excited about Kis-my-ft2's debut?
oh and i do wish that newS would be more missing Shige and Koyama...><

@Zero93 Yes! I can't wait for Kis-my-ft2 ^_^ love those guys :D And I hope NEWS releases some new stuff soon. I really liked KAT-TUN's new song- what do you think of Junno's new hairdo? I think it looks very k-pop-ish, haha!

I'm from the US.

@Ookami-chan yes! yes! yes! i thought that about Taguchi's hair too... the song 'run run run' sounds really cool as expected from KAT-TUN.. ^w^ have u watched their special performance on 'Music Lovers'? i really enjoyed watching Kame's solo dance on it... (

Kis-my-ft2's Pv is really retro.. soo cool... its rear to see a pv with roller blades

it worries me that there are rumors running around that NewS might be braking up coz Yamapi is considering joining Akanishi in going solo... :'( Masuda and Tegoshi will be fine coz they have Tegomass and Nishikido is in Kanjani8 but wat would happen to Shige and koyama... :'(

oh wat do u think about V6's new song? it brings a cheeky smile on my face..:3 (

Hey! Say! JUMP was my LIFE for the longest time before I fell out of JE fandom... and then in love with NewS and then out again. So I've been flickering on and off from JE. But I still love the boys all very much.

I have to say...


Glad to see there are Johnnys fans here too! Arashi forever saves my life<3

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