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The orihara troupe. Major Spoilers (Thread)

If you haven't read the light novels, read them on anni-festa's live journal here

She only has vol. 4-6 and 9 translated but the anime covers vol. 1-3 with little to no variations.

To those of you who don't know, at the end of Vol. 8 of the Durarara Light novels Izaya gathers several people who served as antagonists in previous novels presumably to start another conflict in ikebukuro to awaken Celty's Head. Here's a link to the picture I found:

The members are from left to right:

Izumii Ran: Former leader of the Blue Square color gang. Working with Izaya to kill Dotachin and his group for betraying him.

Namie Yagiri: Pharmaceutical company president turned Izaya's secretary

Izaya Orihara himself

Slon: Russian assassin sent to keep an eye on Izaya for the awakusu Yakuza group. Former partners with Vorona.

Sharaku Mikage: The martial arts teacher for Izaya's twin sisters. She was also a part of a small cult following of girls that practically worshipped Izaya in highschool. (her younger brother is still a little miffed about that)

Kine: EDIT 2: Kine is essentially the one who jump started Izaya's career as an information broker by giving him his first few contracts. Before he quit, Kine was Izaya's official contact within the awakusu yakuza group. It isn't specifically stated that he joined up with Izaya along with the rest but a person who closely matches his description is seen at the gathering.

Haruna Niekawa: Former slasher, appeared in episodes 16 and 17 of the anime. Wants revenge on Anri and the whereabouts of Takashi the teacher she had a crush on.

Not featured in pic:

Kisuke Adabashi: A stalker of Ruri Hijiribe who wants to destroy everything that represents her. He tortures Shinra to near death and was about to strangle Mikado if it weren't for the untimely arrival of Masaomi.

Dragon Zombie: A semi large gang that serve as henchmen and bodyguards to Izaya.

EDIT: These guys aren't part of the group but I figured that they at least deserve to be mentioned as other villains.

Yadogiri Jinnai: a rival info broker that is even better at his job than Izaya is. I won't say too much but lets just say HE'S the reason Izaya needs Dragon Zombie to act as bodyguards. His ultimate goals remain unclear.

Seitaro Yagiri: the Uncle of Seiji and Namie Yagiri. He's working with Yadogiri to accomplish 3 goals. 1) to unite Celty and her head regardless of whether she wants to or not. 2) to obtain Saika and it's wielder, Anri. 3) To obtain the half-dullahan Ruri Hijiribe.

So...Thoughts? Speculations? questions?

My first thought was "Mien Gott, he's making an Evil Council of Doom."

I'm finally reading some of the novels!!! Thank you soo much!!!

Now i see wat they were tlkin bout in loopholes im anime...i hav no idea wth ur tlkin bout...

its so much diffrent from the anime

@Sol420 i have a Q is the light novel and the manga the same thing or not?

Yay Izaya! :D


I'm not Sol420, but I can answer that. Yeah they're the same, but the light novels are so much further in the story than the manga. The anime is a bit different than the manga and novels though. You know that chick Rio or whatever from the first 2 episodes? Yeah, she's not in the manga/novels, but there's 2 other girls. The entire situation is a bit different, in fact.

Where do you read those at???

@TalTal19 thank u

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