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Sacred Seven Anime Thread.....THREAD!!! (Thread)

Here's the description:

he stage is a certain port city within the Kantou region. There resides Tandouji Aruma, who lives a lonely and solitary life. One day, he is approached by Aiba Ruri who asks for his help, for the power of the Sacred Seven which resides within Aruma. However, Aruma turns her away. In the past, Aruma had hurt people with that power. Since that moment, he had foresworn it.
But when the peaceful city is attacked by a monster, Aruma reluctantly decides to use the Sacred Seven. However, his powers go berserk and the situation becomes even more dire. At that moment, Ruri comes to his aid.

My opinion :)
After watching the first episode!!!
In my point of view it gives me a Code Geass, Star Driver Drive with an Scry-ed feel to it. Hope that makes sense!
Also help me find a better anime picture! this one was the best I could find right now1!

Wow! nobody likes sacred seven?....guess I gotta wait for a few more episodes to show up before this thread gets going :)

haven't watched it yet, but I'm planning! ;D

@Ecstasy: it's pretty ok, just wanna see how it develops.

Watched the first two episodes tonight and I can say this is more than I expected upon reading the Summer charts.

The art is clean and consistent, the character designs are great and the whole thing flows really well.
I'd like to get some more action rather than the one-hit kills we've seen until now, but it has great potential.

Oh, and I'm a fan of Ruri. Now I have two of them to adore~

"Katakuna na kokoro no mama de
Ishikoro wa dokomade yukeru
Suna no you ni moroku kuzureru
Hitomoji mo yomenai mirai

Tada mae ni susumu dake ja mienai
Kotoba ni dekinai mono o kudasai

Hitotsubu no tsumetai ishi ni
Himerareta netsu mo aru darou
Douse nara kachi ni yukitai
Nani mo ka mo mienai mirai

Karappo no mama no kokoro de mo ii
Tozasareta yume o sagashite

Ikioi makase de tsukanda te ga
Kitto kimi o kaete yuku sink down
Aitakute tondatte ochite yuku keredo
Mou ichido sora o mezashite
Hourinageru omoi subete
Naitatte wakeatte kimi ga warau made
stone cold"

full PV

I love this series so far. The first episode was epic in it's own right, but left more to be desired mainly what @DarkChaplain asked as well. More action, and less one hit KO's. Give me one great animated fight scene from this show and a plot which doesn't get watered down as it advances and i'll buy this hands down.

I've only seen the first episode so far (damn you crunchyroll and being my only way to watch current shows) but I will agree with DC although when I saw it on the summer chart I did put it on my to watch list I didn't think too much of it but I can say now it seems pretty good. The drawing looks great and the main character is not as creepy looking as the first series picture showed him to be. I would like to see him get the crap beat out of him though, you can't have a hero that is perfect while fighting.

It's really good! I love the character designs, and I'm seeing some inspiration from Code Geass like the mecha Kagami the butler was driving in the first episode and Tandouji's character design in general especially with his Lelouch-like expressions when he's angry. Although when the butler came on screen, I immediately thought Sebastian-Claude from Kuroshitsuji combined into one with the glasses and hair. Originally, I was about to ignore it since I thought it had a cheesy name, but I was bored so I decided to check it out. I haven't smiled that much during an anime in a long while so I'm glad I decided to give it a chance and I hope it doesn't end too quickly.

im ganna watch ... but that guy thats standing next to the girl looks like sebastian .. ow and if u look for beter pics look here

after watching the first i think its pretty good i will keep watching this.
the only thing bugging me is hes motorcycle i mean c'mon.
did anyone notice sebastian michaelis in this show lol.

In my opinion there's too much going on that just really wastes the animation. There's the whole loli thing and the butlers and maids and he's like a giant megaman. I also feel like the makers of s-cry-ed recycled the design for the main character's unrefined transformed state. There's just a whole lot of stuff and not a lot of solid storyline and progression.

solid storyline? after two episodes?
we got to have our cast introduced, got bits of the main character's past, got a bit of the background of Ruri and her family, met Oni and are beginning to grasp the concept.

The plot is just a simple "we need your help to defeat what threatens the world!" for now, we had some foreshadowing regarding the antagonist and the world is being prepared so that we can actually bond with the characters and understand their reasons to fight.

I don't see where the "loli thing" lies either. Nobody on that show is loli to me.
As for the animation quality - hell, it was consistent, clean and well defined throughout the whole two episodes we got til now, regardless of "plot relevance" or comic relief.

There really is not much I could criticise at this point.

Since the animation only has 12 Episodes planned for now, we can't expect much, but it already seems much more promising to me than Star Driver. At least the Studio bothered with an actual plot, though we've only seen some hints of it being there as of now. Could turn out the other way as well.
It's kinda hard to tell what the anime will be like in the future, since it only has 12 episodes aka 3 months to reach a satisfying conclusion, while Star Driver had around 25 episodes and still was just "meh" for me.

Hopefully Sacred7 will turn out to be good since it has such a nice opening being absoltely biased here

As for me, I liked the first two episodes and especially Onigawara/Hellbrick that weird Darstone with the emotes. love the fact that they are touchable
Though I'm not able to say anything about the plot, it surprised me how thoughtful the people of the animation studio actually were. They managed to squash in quite some detail with all that "hell" *g* going on around them.
Eagerly awating the next episode~ ONIGAWARA BANZAI! xD
Would be so cool if that guy would turn out to be the head (another pun) of all that evil going on. xD

Can't say anything about the storyline so far but it seems to be not bad. The only thing that really distracts me sometimes is that every(!) character remindes me of some other character I've seen before (and the assossiations are pretty obvious I guess). Anyway the series are entertaining.

I think atm the story is fairly generic, I mean his parents are dead, he gains mysterious power and now must save the world because he is in the eyes of Ruri and co THE ONE.

But I'm alright with this, like with Ao no Excorcist it's not groundbreaking in terms of storytelling or themes, but it does know how to execute it, it's fairly simple and lays down some threads that will hopefully pop up in the future (like the mysterious villain sneaking around like a ninja)

I'm completely in love with the animation, it's clear it's crisp and feels fairly high budget (I guess considering the length of the anime is a given) and the character designs are fairly reminiscent of tokusatsu shows, or for a non fanboyish comparison Megaman ZX designs and I am in love with them, especially Aruma's freaking scarf, hng. The action isn't bad either it's fast paced and fluid, however I do feel it does lack a certain umph to it, case in point the battle in the sky in ep 2, there is very little combat up till the point Aruma lays down the smackdown, this left a somewhat anti-climatic air about the episode, especially considering all that buildup amping up the power of the Monster of the Week.

Also they really need to hire some fucking good english vAs for once, ffs japan you have a whole industry with competant vAs in the west just waiiiiting to be snapped up for these minute roles.

I'm really liking this liking towards powered suits that Sunrise is going towards, first with T&B and now this, makes me wonder if one day they're gonna try and tackle a Kamen Rider Anime :P

oh I wish...

Whoah! last time I checked this thread it only had 3 posts! When the second episode shows up this thread kinda EXPLODES!!! What the hell happened!? lol

That Opening.
I like the show, Arma's motorcycle is probably the second best part of it.

But why doesn't anyone realize that the show is about STONES? There are evil stones that want to destroy the world. There is a stone club... a stone club!
That girl loves stones and rocks. Isn't that... weird?

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