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Sacred Seven Anime Thread.....THREAD!!! (Thread) - Page 2

i will today watch the firt episode since this thread intrigues me.
even though i wasnt plannign on watchign th is before since its art seemed a little meh to me.
and @darkchaplain isnt that red/ginger haired "ruri" a loli? looks like it at least

creepy all pink-ish picture! Will watch it in a few minutes! xD

Nah, she isn't loli. She's tough and not acting cute desu at all.
She's just not the tallest girl around XD

@DarkChaplain its not like you would have to act all cute desu for beeing a loli or anything. well i watched and i sww she isnt one- however, in the opening is a person that is obviosuly< one. but didnt appear yet guess.
that beeing said, i watche dth efirst ep and dunno what to think about it. well the hero's firs form certainly looks cooler than that "real power" thingy.
it realy is all about rocks.. but the thing with the bfighting butler and maids and the ojou-sama beeing caled ruri and stuiff.. that part is seriously justs tolen from demonbane, kagami is just winfield without the weird hairstyle and ruri is so far just.. ruri with other looks,... if soemthigns up with her dead grandpa, it really is the same xDD but well she at least seems better than the ruri in dmeonbane.

The show needs MORE DESU!!!!!
Also all I paid attention to in the first episode was how he used a MAGNUM DRILL FIST!!! hella epic.

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