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Contractors V.S The Branches of Sin (Thread)

I just wanted to see your thoughts about which powers are better.
Is it the Contractors from Darker Than Black, or is it The Branches of Sin from Deadman Wonderland?

feel free to post pics on why which concept of powers are better! :D

The Branches of Sin are cooler, plus you don't have to do the payment for your contract...

i prefer contractors, atleast you dont die of blood loss

@Alkory their payment is blood.

contractors have more variety and thus less predictable, so I say they would win.

You'll die of blood loss if you use it as a gun. The crow doesn't seem to lose blood when he uses his blades.

but he still has to cut himself. I wouldn't want to do that.

Alright look at it this way. Contractors have a wide variety of powers while is Wonderland, the branches of sin are limited to that of the blood. They both have their disadvantages but it's easy to see that Contractors are superior when it comes to their powers. The powers aren't even explored to their full extent in Wonderland though so this is hard to conclude. I really like the concept of contractors though, with the sacrifice of something they oppose in their true personality and nature to live with their curse/gift.

I'd say contractors.. xD. But sometimes the payments for your power are a little too painful T~T. But with the branches of sin, you have to cut yourself D:.
@TalTal19 Agreed ;w;

Plus, who would win in a fight?
A Chinese Electric Batman or a Woodpecker?

\o\ Chewychewychewychewy Batman~

@TalTal19 Chinese Electric Batman or woodpecker......T.T hard one, my vote is for contractors tho

Bump :3

Contractors all the way.

If we're talking about battle:
The Branches only wield blood in some fancy manner. I can guarantee you there are Contractors who do that already (such as Wei, who's a bigger badass than anyone in Deadman Wonderland), and Contractors who are potentially more dangerous (such as Havoc, who could probably obliterate half the prison in a second, although she has a horrifying contract).

Not to mention Contractors are (coldly?) rational and not likely to make things go splat with a slasher smile every damn day.

Ganta, the only person in Deadman Wonderland who didn't have a crazy smile on, is a wuss. You can foreshadow ten thousand times that he's some sort of messiah, but he's still a wuss.

Hei, however, is a huge damn badass. And his collarbones. HIS COLLARBONES

Cool factor:
Contractors have more variety in their powers, and the payment offers more creativity. The payment could vary from making the Contractor even cooler to just lamer. Or just downright terrifying (if you didn't know already, Havoc's payment is to drink the blood of children). Or at times, just odd.

Contractors versus Marvel mutants, on the other hand...

@Yoshiya pretty much said everything that needed to be said.

@Yoshiya i think my topic just died...Contractors..... o.o

Branches of Sin,
if they're not help captive in Deadman Wonderland


@KinoSakata true, it wud be epic to see what they're like outside of jail

@Wolfangle: inferior humans are going down. -cough-

@Yoshiya love how to the point you are.

I don't think branches of sin can wing against any other power in any universe. Still, blood weapons are kinda cool to me. You need guts to wield them, and in Ganta's case he is just forced cuz he is indeed one of the most sad yet realisticly so protagonists I have ever seen. We can't have everyone being badass lol.

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