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Learn about 9mm: why is he such an asshole? (Thread)

believe it or not I was a very nice kid. I put my 100% into everything I did and I was pretty athletic and smart as well. But my life changed big fucking time when I was 12 and I was still in Korea.

You see... I was very confident as a child, mainly because life was easier I guess. So I was pretty much ready to do anything and when I became a fifth grader I decided to try out the class presidential election. There were two people in the election: me and this girl who I had the biggest crush on. You can only imagine how excited I was. I wrote my own speech and everything and practiced so much, because it was my first time participating in public speaking. The speech was something like this. "I am just another person in this class room, but I am your friend and I know you guys very well. No other person in this classroom will know you guys better than me. I want the same thing as you guys and blah blah blah." It was pretty well thought out and heart warming speech about why I should be elected as a president. I was very confident about the result.

when the poll started I voted for the girl I have crush on for the genuine reason. But when the result came in I myself changed into a boy with no self-esteem and confidence.

me: 0
her: 50


not a single person voted for me. I just couldn't believe it and I couldn't stop the tear running down my face. It was the saddest moment of my life.

seriously.... each vote my teacher picked out of the basket I was so worried that I might not get the position... then I saw myself very desperate for a vote... but nothing... man... my face was such a mess.

I trusted my friends and I thought they shared the same feeling as me. But I was wrong. At the age 12 I learned that people have no trust in me, no matter how I can be truthful to them and it was just devastating for me. From then I made almost no contact with anyone. My grades went down drastically and I was no longer part of the soccer team or any team. I was just one very sad kid. Then I slowed turned into who I am now.

An asshole.

I don't think not voting for you for president means they don't trust you...their could have been many reasons not to vote for you.Not saying that in a fucked up way.

In not feeling well at the moment so I'll have to respond to this later. In the mean time though.....


Is that it? Is that your traumatic trauma?
I know small things can give you scars for life, I have several myself, but don't let a poll twist you into the self-proclaimed asshole you are now.

@Lycan I agree with that.

I bet all the boys had crushes on her, and all the girls were friends with her. May not be true, but it would be funny if it was.

Why did you quit what you were doing anyway? Like clubs and such, I can understand the academics.

@Lycan is right about the tiniest things giving you TRAUMATIC TRAUMA.

I still love you even though you're an ass hole hugglefawks @9mm <3

Not an asshole; just a failure.
/slapped for making it worst.

@Lycan is right

and even if it was the reason u became an asshole, i think that experience should hav changed u for the better...
whoever gets chosen for president, even class president, is based on the candidate's popularity. maybe she was chosen because everyone liked her more. im not saying that no one liked u... im jst saying.
so shouldnt that be a good reason to become better so that more people will like u or something?

woah, you're Korean?
kPride right here :D! /brofist

man. the thing is even my closest friends didn't vote for me... seriously, we went camping together, we playing soccer together and ate together, but they didn't vote for me. I wasn't a dumb kid either. I got straight A on all my tests and I was on the top 10 among all 5th graders. If the election was a popularity contest then I don't know how to feel about that.

@Sushi please. I can utterly rape you with my AD Janna.

I'm sorry but you have to understand that
I was on the top 10 among all 5th graders
Cannot really be taken seriously...

Also,please use the edit button :D.No double posts.

@9mm well maybe they liked the girl too? Remember, you were children. Theres no serious intentional backstabbing between children. Oh wait... There is. But that is because they can's think straight.
They were probably thinking the same thing as you. "If I vote for her, maybe she'll like me!".

And if you were a foreigner, that's your reason right there.


you Bad Ass mother fucker, you x3


Listen to me....And i'm not joking with what im about to say to you.

Don't let a Simple POLL Determine who you are going to end up being! that's like wanting to Desperately be something that's only going to last a few months

I think the fact you got no votes proves, you didn't turn into an asshole, YOU WERE ALREADY ONE :D -thumbsup:

Yeah srsly, YOu didn't even vote for yourself.

You were such a douche.


k. I made up my mind. I will now troll 2 times harder.

@DSP you have just won the Internet

Sadly I don't see how this is considered traumatic. I was expecting something a little more deep or dramatic. Poll during school? Lame excuse to be an asshole. Anyways you don't need to make excuses for who you are. We still love you.

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