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Learn about 9mm: why is he such an asshole? (Thread) - Page 2

@9mm - I was gonna write some big long drawn out thing... but decided to just summarize it like this...

I realized some time back that the world already has enough assholes. So I decided that I was going to be one of those people that worked to make other people happy.

It's like Gandalf, the most badass wizard of all time said, "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

Well I decided I'm gonna be one of those people who at least tries to make the world a better place...(whether they vote for me or not) and not be a contributor to all the bullshit that already exits. I'm actually surprised at you. You watched and LIKED Gurren Lagann. Yet you still want to be an asshole? That whole freakin anime is about not being an asshole and fighting for what's right. That doesn't make any sense to me.

But anyway...yeah. Fight bullshit and try being nice to people. They'll return the favor.

+1 to @Shirosuke btw.


And damn, +1 to @OverSol as well. You guys rock.

At least sometimes you try not to be a big asshole

But I feel like somehow you deserved this...

@9mm Troll twice as hard? Do it thrice. LIKE A REAL MAN!

@9mm: You're not an asshole. An degenerate moron maybe...

PS: You can't troll for shit. Don't even try.

@Decae I like how you said, "An Degenerate moron." l.o.l.

@gay naruto sig. no you are fucking wrong. I didn't do anything to deserve that.

@9mm: I love how you critique my grammar when you've made more grammatical mistakes on this website than I probably have in my entire life.

@Decae u mad?

@9mm: nope.avi >_<

Sad story though... Reminds me of this one time when this chick stole my lollipop. Ugh, she was such a bitch.

@Decase magnitude of melancholy cannot even be compared yo.

Sorry, didn't mean for you to take that personally

God, now I feel like such an ass, anyway hope you feel better, although it's been a long time since that, and sorry again, kinda mad before and angry when I posted this....

"You need trust to be betrayed, I never did"

John Price

im more worried about the fact you had 52 people in the class than that you werent elected.
how did said rivalcrushgirl look? maybe it was just that everyone had the hawts for her rather than for you.

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