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The Colorless Raffle!! (Deadline changed) (Thread)

Okay, so I got this fantastical idea! A raffle! (OMGWTFBBQFRENCHFRIES)

Now, since there isn't any good prize we can do over the internet without money being involved, I was thinking that we could have a raffle over titles! What I mean is, you sign up for the raffle and have a title or uber name for yourself which, if you win, everyone else who signs up has to call you for a week or two. Then the next raffle begins. Cool idea, huh?

So, let's say @Phillis wants to be called Mrs. Doubtfire or something. She would sign up and be all, "AY! I sign up as Mrs. Doubtfire!!" Then, she would be added to the raffle as Mrs. Doubtfire. Then, if she wins, you all MUST call her that for the allotted time (it's part of the contract if you signed up).


  1. Don't refuse to call someone what they want if you signed up and they win. That's not cool, yo.
  2. Don't be an ass.
  3. Don't try to sign up with an overly inappropriate title for yourself.
  4. There is only one ticket for each person. Don't ask for more.

Okay, that's all! If you think there's a better thing to raffle off, I'm all ears. Otherwise, SIGN UP, Y'ALL.


@InsaneBoredGame: "The Completely Sane and Totally Normal Queen of N00bs"
@NightLight: "Papi Chulo"
@Geo (someone[input_random_numbers_here]): "THE GAME"
@kittymask: "Satan"
@AnimeShifter: "Super Triple X Deluxe Front Hurricane Tornado Kick Supreme" (S.T.X.D.F.H.T.K.S.)
@InvisibleRainbow/Phillis: "The sexy neko maido goddess"
@Makato: "Firetruck"
@Kuru: "Phoenix"
@IzaShiSimonC: "God of Lazy People"
@brewers6655: "Boss"
@StArInATthEbIgScrEEn: "Supreme Ultralord of Chocolate Pocky"
@Rain-chan: "GIR"
@Deathy: "Big Daddy"
@Decae: "Zombie God"
@MrTrain: "MrTrain"

Deadline changed to after I get back from vacation.



i join as ..umm.. "GINTAMA IS THE BEST ANIME EVER"

-to be changed-

@Kino: interesting... name. >_<

@Decae: Can't wait to be called that

ill join and i choose the name Papi Chulo



I shall join this raffle! You will all know me as Satan!

@nightlight OMG LOL!!!!! <3 i love it! ill call u papi chulo any way hahaha
& uhm..
all of you shall call me Tsuma
haha it means wife in japanese, all of you will be married to me xD
lol jk
uhm... ill follow nightlights lead and have people call me Mami ;)

Which is it?

i'll join as "Super Triple X Deluxe Front Hurricane Tornado kick Supreme"


haha it's mami ;)

Okie dokie. ;D

Can I join as "Firetruck"? 8D

If @InvisibleRainbow wins, I have to speak all weeabo?
@Decae I reconsider. My title shall now be "The Completely Sane and Totally Normal Queen of N00bs."

Lol, what an oximoron. >_<

I choose Phoenix.

Call me "God of Lazy People"

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