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The Colorless Raffle!! (Deadline changed) (Thread) - Page 3

I CALL ZOMBIE QUEEN! I will forever have this name due to how much I want to have a zombie baby or zombie minion or any form of zombie in my possession <3

FML. MY CAMERA DIED. (Need to recharge)

I Shall be called "Ori: The Blasian Turtle God Bawss."

@Usui Takumi I stand corrected.

Bumping this! Anytime now, @Decae~

I change my name since Decea can call my bullshit. My name shall be 'Combat Nurse.'

I join as "sdvjkijdvfgjkdrgmkdfmkl;zsdvfmkl/sdkl/zdvfgk/mzfML:"

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