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CL Manga : Asuka's script~~ Chapter 1 [up : 07/23/2011] (Thread)

As promised, I am working hard for @colorless kun~ who wants to make a manga about TheColorless. I have a lot of ideas \o/ and I took the scenario 1 on this thread :

note that I chosed this Plot and I am working on it :

A lonely, tomboyish girl in high school feels like an outcast at school because she’s an anime otaku that hangs at her computer all day. One day while doing some homework, she spies a paper that has the Colorless site URL written on it. Curious, she types in the mysterious URL and presses enter. She is immediately sucked into a virtual reality where avatars that look like people converse like in the real world. She bumps into a hyperactive best friend that introduces her to the town of Colorless. Gargron is the Mayor and each part of town is named after a discussion corner (for example: Anime, Life Projects, Games, etc.) An hour in the Colorless world is a second in the real one. Your mind goes into colorless while your body sits like a lump. Eventually a villain shows up that wants to ruin colorless from the inside out by ruining chats and spamming on threads and finally destroying the Colorless mainframe, wiping out all the memories of everyone who has ever logged in to Colorless. (sorry for being so long. Blame the guy who made this one

I had also put in this story the war : Volkie, who wants to be a Mod, against Gargron. And The main chara will help Gargron with his friends to fight the vilain (haha).
The main character will learn how to make friends, and maybe meet the love www

please don't steal my work !

Chapters :

Chapter I : Corrected by @Haichi
Sorry if you have to download, I am trying to find another way to publish the story ! Thank you

Chapter II : comming soon

Correctors :


Thank you very much for your help !

Illustrations :

ps : I need help to find a name for the Main Character, any proposition ? I want a name which fits her personnality

That was a pretty awesome read!! It has a lot of potential, the characters and their dialogue were done really well too.

Just though I'd help out and make a few grammar corrections -

I'm really enjoying it so far, look forward to reading the rest XD

“Gargron, you will regret not choosing me as a Moderator. You, traitor. ''


Really! Nicely done!

That was win X) can't wait to read more~

really really cute i couldn't help but laugh though out it :) can't wait for it to be finished

@Imaginebreaker thank you again for the correction <3

@Animeshifter haha x'D I'm glad you like :3
@TalTal19 thanks !!
@Jayrosew :D oh thank u!

@Asuka-chii happy to help XD
More importantly thank YOU for working on this. It has the potential to become a great hit already XD

@ImagineBreaker .//////." oh my /and I am already blocked at the second chapter, but I try my best !!! xD/

@Asuka-chii no need to rush yourself, just write at a pace that suits you.
Now I'm suddenly in the mood of working on my own original story, guess I'll go edit the first chapters and hopefully get back to writing soon.

You're that influential you see ^_^

@ImagineBreaker I am working on my other story but I am writing it in french, it's more easy for me to write narration in french logical w. I would like to read your job, I am waiting for @colorless opinion. I will also draw the first chapter when I will be at home.

.///. ) thanks and u are very nice with me ;///;

@Asuka-chii nothing wrong with doing that, it you find it easy that way then by all means do it XD
Looking forward to it~
I'd be happy to show you my work when I've written more of it. Of course I actually need to write it XD
I've already gotten ahead and thought up a late story arc despite only writing 2 chapters ^_^

I'm just doing my job as a friend <3

@ImagineBreaker you know that you inspired me to create Kurokami (but I know u aren't lolicon, right ? XD)

@Asuka-chii really!? I though you might include me in there in some way but I'm what inspired you to create KuroKami? I'm honoured <3
I thought I could relate to him but I thought it was just coincidence XD

... Actually you could consider me a lolicon interestingly enough XD

@ImagineBreaker hugs :3 <3 /is happy/

I could help with the main character's name. Do you want it to be Japanese? like a User Name?

@Asuka-chii aww~ hugs back
Never thought I get that response from admitting I'm a lolicon since IRL my friends tease me about it~

I'm kinda curious about the blank username, have you planned a name already, are thinking about it or perhaps deliberately left it blank?

Omg! The story is awesome! Can`t wait to read more =)

What a beautiful story! I will cheer for Mein Fuhrer to the very end~

I'll look forward to reading this when I get off from work.

If an English name is fine then I have a random idea: How about Charlotte?

Why: A lot of people on CL like Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (or so I've noticed), there was even that Kyubey picture/message/thing on the front page a few monthes ago. The name Charlotte isn't a dead givaway that we got it from Madoka Magica, either. I think it's a pretty name that isn't used too often.

It's up to you guys. You'd probably want a japanese name.

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