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CL Manga : Asuka's script~~ Chapter 1 [up : 07/23/2011] (Thread) - Page 3

For the naming the character part I was thinking Sakura which means Cherry Blossom since in the story she's a loner but Im guessing what you're getting her to do in the end is "blossom" into a more outgoing girl.But I'm leaning on no cause Sakura is such a common name so I'll try to find a better name~

@Deathy maybe she will maybe she won't ; ) It's not my first I wrote, and my readers (they are french) know me for never having a good or sad end when I write. I am kinda a ''sad end'' writer :3. Hm, Sakura is too much common, don't you have something like Charlotte ?
Thank you very much for you help Dea!

I love sad endings since no one really does it. I want to see something where everyone dies at the end or the bad guys come out victorious. I loved the ending to The Mist where the guy ends up killing his whole family and friends to make it so they are not killed my the monsters leaving him the only one alive and not 5 seconds after he finished the army rolls by out of the mist killing all the monsters.

I want to see something where everyone dies at the end or the bad guys come out victorious.

I'm rooting for option #2.

Me too

In the description it just looks a little plain i think a girl that is introverted that goes into a website virtual online world that is later hacked. And one thing that bugs me is the description "She bumps into a hyperactive best friend that introduces her to the town of Colorless" is it her friend or some random hyperactive kid that she becomes friends with. But if everyone says its good i might just download it to read it all with patience. To see if i still hold to my opinion or change it i will wait.

@Shinu Ah okay I understand the problem. I didn't notice that detail about the ''hyperactive best friend''. At the begining I write the chapter all alone, and next I ask friends to correct because I am not a nativ english, I am french and I learn english. That's why Haichi, who made an excellent work on it, decides to complete my narration and corrects mistakes. Do as you want, I won't force you. Your opinion is important, I prefer negatives than positives. Thank you !

@Asuka-chii there's jst one part im confused about...
why are the new members called 'new fags'?

cause older ones are called oldfags?

@Asuka-chii im done with the editing
im sorry it took so long
i still had school at the time i asked to be a corrector, so i didnt hav much time to work on it

i hope you dont mind, but i made slight (ok, a lot of) changes in the chapter, though i tried to make it close to the original as possible
jst so u know, i changed k-chan to k-kun coz kun is supposed to be more masculine
i also changed some things in the dialog, so that its in better english
im sorry but im jst a HUGE perfectionist... -_-

anyway, i hope u like it

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