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To-Do (Thread)

The current To-do list I have for Gargron, concerning the site

  • Set new user class, to fix 'bounce' error. Also known as 'Verified' users
  • Support for Group PMs
  • Preview in PMs
  • Private messages in chat
  • Ability to promote users, on-site, to moderator and whatnot
  • Ability to create new badges, on-site, available to admins.
  • Access to a paypal account for contest prizes and the like
  • Finish mobile site
  • Possible watch list, for problem users, populated by previous bans, or set by mods/admins
  • Updates area in the sidebar, editable on-site, possibly with an RSS feed.

Current To-do list I have for myself, concerning the site:

  • Rewrite the FAQs and Rules/Guidelines
  • Create New User's Primer
  • Create some sort of advertising initiative, possibly a banner contest, for user to put in their sigs on other forums.
  • Promote projects and contests in a batter way
  • Record Episode 1v984230 of the podcast, package, and release it
  • Revive the blog.
  • Promote TheColorless's network of services, accounts, and whatnot, across the site and internet as a whole.
  • Upgrade bot
    • Add MegaHAL AI
    • Reformat 8-ball replies to 'User, answer' instead of "8-ball: User: reply"
    • Add in general purpose scripts
    • Add in call and response script

Feel free to suggest things for he and I to do~

Got another few:

Banned members don't appear on the IP checklist anymore. If you ban a person with 3 troll accounts, for example.
Ban one of them, and neither the banned one nor the other 2 remaining ones will show accounts with the same IP anymore.

Make cancelling pending friend requests possible


OH, another thing we talked about in the mod discussion:
Adding more services to the profile links section, like Myanimelist and Google+

@ DC
Friend requests aren't really friend requests, they're followers.
(Or stalkers) Responding to the "friend request" is actually
"Oh, ok, I'll follow you too".

@Lycan well, without accepting the request people shouldn't be able to view your activity, as far as I know D:

PLEASE, @ADMIN! ;A; Make him revert the board-changes ;_____; nobody wants to see 0 ♥ everywhere or have the board names cluttering the frontpage...
It's getting better, thankfully...

Oh, but they are.
(Well, they can see when you're in chat and what channel you're in...)

And the new design on the boards gave me a sad.
It was way better before!

Oh, a bug/glitch is on the top right corner it says
"You are"
You might want to change it so that it links to the user's profile page.

I'm seeming to get an error in that I cannot upload images to my posts.

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