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Kamisama no memo-chou (Thread)
so, this new anime started recently. It is basically a criminal story with a loli named Alice and a high schooler named Narumi Fujishima as the Protagonists, featuring different kinds of NEETs as a Team to do something meaningful to those who already died. it is a very interesting story full of good cases and awesome characters. The original story is based on a light novel of the same title.

incidentally, the opening of the Anime version is the debut single of Choucho, a NICONICO singer who did mainly ery good vocaloid covers up until now.
feel free to share your thoughts about this, sicne thats the only NEET thing to do!

One of the many shows I've been looking forward to this season, took its time but Chihiro finally released a sub so I'll be checking that out soon~

The plot really sounds like an interesting one and the OP/ED combo is pretty awesome I've gotta say. Given it's a LN adaptation there's no way I could even try to overlook it~

Kinda surprised that the 1st episode is something like 50 minutes, didn't think that happened with Anime these days.

Another awesome NICO singer hmm? That's 3 I know of now that have sung for Anime (ClariS and Piko). On a side not dammit now I want some Dokupe/Dr Pepper. First S;G and now this, are they trying to create a new fad? (like how quite a few Anime have McDonalds in them)

wel, product placement is pretty common snt it? liek with the notorious pizza hut in code geass, and th eless notorious pizza hut in darker than black..
btw what kind of drink exactly is dokupe anyways`?

Probably just anime fake name for Dr Pepper, y'know since they sometimes do that.

The show should be awesome seeing how it's a J.C Staff project (can't really hate the guys). The director is kinda worrying though since he did Tsukiime.... mind you the series composer did Birdy, Railgun and Occult Academy so there's hope. Not to forget the music composer did epics like Gurren Lagann, Kenshin OVAs, C and Kuroshitsuji. You know the one XD

yup^^ i know them well. the song when she first puts her dress on to tell the solution of the case is pure goosebumps,seriously.
hm that could be, though i kinda have the feeling when soemthing appears this frequent its usually a real product, like the häagen-dasz in KnK...
also tsukihime was a VN while kamisama is a light novel, and JC are pro's when it comes to LN adaptions~

I suppose your right, though they have released some that despite being good didn't sell well (Zero no Tsukaima (true it got worse as it went on but I still liked it) and Ookami-san). But hey we're not talking about sales so it shouldn't matter XD

Yeah sometimes they are the real thing but for some reason that's not always the case.

Guess I'll get to watching it soon, I would've preferred more options for choice of subbers but Chihiro will do I suppose. I mean there's much worse out there XD

UTW said they would do it, but ididnt see them putting it out yet huh..

which anime series had Mcdonalds?!

They did say that, along with Kamisama Dolls, meh they're hopefully going to release sometime next week. I'm surprisingly not in a rush right now.

@animeftw Ones sponsored by it usually though it's usually a parody restaurant, my memory kinda fades but I think Eyesheild 21, Kekkaishi and Chaos;Head are some examples.

UTW released their release.
also, railgun had macdonalds
also, hitman reborn was sponsored by mcdonalds, though i dunno if there is a mcdonalds in it.

It's possible there was, I just forgot about Reborn, wasn't Railgun sponsored by Pizza Hut?

Bought time UTW did something besides idolm@aster. Seeing how I didn't watch Chihiro's yet I'll got with theirs. I laugh at how some people can't read and are always complaining about the episode being 800MBs XD

you talking about Macdonald or WacDonalds?

According to this thing that I read somewhere on some other forum, this is apparently the second novel (in the future), the first one being GoSick (Gothic).

And that is probably why there's this loli tsundere detective solving mysteries.


Dokupe is japanese it's katakana-fied as dokuta- peppa- or something liek that, so shorten it to dokupe XD

I've been wondering about sounded a bit like GoSick...

and Choucho?! :D:D:D Did not know this. Quite epic. :D

apparently pizza hut's in a lot of was bound to catch on eventually XD;

Pizza Hut: Code Geass. C.C. 'Nuff said.

The first half is a bore. The climax scene for the case shows tonnes of promise though. If JC staff is more than useless I can see this series being good, but I'm not betting my house on that considering their track records.

Dokupe, the one for the not-so-intelligent people :P

Speaking of which, Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi has Dr Cinnamon in it as well.

@Kronifer I thought JC staff had a decent track record?

Anyway my impressions for this anime is that, it's a lot like Durarara in that it shows the not so pretty side of society and whilst it focues on one main person (Narumi) I feel like we're learning about the others fairly well on the side, especially in the second episode with Testsu and his dealings with the drunk Yakuza bloke.

There's also the fact there's actual mystery here, though unlike durarara which jumped a lot between times (much like baccano) Memo-chou, you progress with the characters as it goes along, I'd even go as far to say you're basically in the same shoes as Narumi.

I'm loving the animation and the OP and endings (I wonder if they'll keep up this trend of multiple endings) is reallly well done, especially because of Choucho who I adore <3 so yeahhhhhhh fukken gonna keep up with this show!

@DSP maybe the first endign was just a special? the song is from 1999 after all. also note how the ringtone for alice is a guitar solo of said song.

JC staff is pretty much hit-or-fail, so you can never know if they will make somethign good or not. but they are pretty expereinced with adapting light novels so i guess its gonna be okay; its awesome so far.
@momimochi i dont really get what you mensa, the second light novel of what? im confused
@ImagineBreaker evetaku is also doing this. they are okay, but translatin a lot more literal than UTW, liek UTW changed the whole compensated dating thing (which is a synonym for protitution in japan since actual prostitution is illegal there) to prostitution for those who dont know that compensated dating is the term used in japan

@break I guess UTW's was made so it could be more understandable I guess.

Yep J.C is a roller-coaster in terms of it's quality but I stick around and check everything incase we get to see another high point before it drops again.

1st halfwas kinda slow but then from the middle to end DAMN that's some shit,want this OST for the anime NOW!(could have sworn i heard Lotus Juice somewhere in the episode :3 from P3)
opening and ending are awesome and its by JC Staff(i like most of thier works)
P.S. anyone know if the light novels are translated?

@animeftw unfortunately, only 5% of the first chapter of the first one yet.-

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