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Kamisama no memo-chou (Thread) - Page 2

oh. Apparently GoSick and Kamisama no memochou are a part of this detective series or something. Just one's in the past with a Loli goth and one's in the present with a Loli NEET.

@momimochi stil dotn get WHICH detective series you mean. as far as i know ther is not much connection between them. the studios of the animeare different, the original artists of the light novels are different, and i think the original authors of the light novels are also diffrent, so what detective series???

I LOVE IT! >U< The entire idea with a NEET detective is awesome! I want to cosplay her OTL

@agentmanga then why not do it? if you have the right height and so, it should be possible

@break I dunno how tall she is and if I have to be in character I should stay in my room Lol x'D but I'll write it down as an opportunity! :3

This there a manga or is it only an anime?

@agentmanga, I don't think there's a manga, I think the anime is adapted straight off of a light novel.

EDIT: scratch that, apparently there's a manga and apparently it's still ongoing!

@agentmanga well she does go out when she needs to so its okay^^
also, like @DSP said there is a manga but the original is the light novel. (a light novel is liek a novel, but with few illustrations in between. and usually a higher number f voluems. other manga and aniem that are based off of light novels are suzumia haruhi no yuutsu, baccanp, durarara, shakugan no shana, baka to test to shoukanjuu, to aru majutsu no index, denp aonna to seishun otoko, bakemonogatari, and many more)

@Break Ah nice nice, saw episode 3 yesterday! The Yukata suits her! She look so adorable even more like a doll! xD and I know what a light novel is but thanks for the explanation~

no problem^^

does anyone know the name of the ringtone when alice calls everyone???

In episode 10, I was kinda hoping that Ayaka would die. Because if she did die, then she was given one of the most beautiful deaths in the record of anime beautiful deaths. By the way, if anyone watched episode 11, does the dialogue and voice go off from the anime?? If they haven't seen the problem, then please tell me where they've seen episode 11.

@TheWhiteKnight its "colorado bulldog" from mr.big. part of it was used as the first episode's ED.

This sounds like a cool anime ill watch it next and post a review sometime this week

I watched Gosick and it was really interesting. I liked it a lot
Its a whole mystery murder romance anime with funny twists

I'm just curious though I see that the thread is quite dead....

Do you guys know the name of that creepy song after Alice talked to the culprit on ep 12? It sounds like a girl reading something with a xylophone sound

i didnt watch episode 12 yet so no, btu sdince the series ended i suppose the soundtrack shoudl come otu sometime soon

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