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skillet fans (Thread)

I've seen threads about what is your favorite song or what is your favorite band and I was wondering who on colorless has heard of or is a fan of the christian band skillet.

i love this song

If only the thumbs-down option still existed~

they're a lot better than some bands are

Ignoring all the Relgious side to it, I do enjoy Skillet :P.

I love Skillet, just putting it out there. Religious or not, the band's one of my favourites hands down. o u o
(Fav. song: Hero)

I feel the same way FreeTicket

sounds like Linkin Park

try Iron Maiden

yeah they're good but I still like skillet a lot better

we must just have a different taste in music

I thought you were talking about this
But you weren't so... ._.

Skillet is like the only good Christian band on the planet. Wow, we can actually make good music sometimes. >_<

I agree cause I haven't heard any other good christian bands

just found this one and it's pretty good

I think they're good.

@Dante_Butler Sounds nothing like Linkin Park.

The Devil wears Prada
August burns red
Becoming the Archetype

there are tons of awesome christian Bands

i've never heard of any of those bands but i'll check them out

Sorry, I was testing out spoilers, it screwed up and posted twice X3.

i hate when i put something once and it posts it a million times

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