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well the band members of skillet arent christian.only the lyrics to their songs are.

(favorite song:live free or let me die)

@lifeless: Proof?

I love them!
But I don't really understand why they're called a christian rockband
their lyrics aren't religious, or am I just stupid?

Skillet isnĀ“t a obvious christian rockband but they are. I was wondering too when i found that out xD

Flyleaf is a christian band Skillet and Flyleaf are both good. I am kind of bored of Skillet now.

i just checked out Flyleaf cause i had not heard of them and they're pretty good

opps im srry. i think you've had a typo. im pretty sure you all ment to type Skrillex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Kiotic Skrillex is dubstep...Skillet is christiam rock bla bla...>.< Skrillex is not that good...except 2 songs and that is all

i don't like Skrillex cause i listened to some of em and didn't like em

skillets amazing! i saw them live and there was cool violins and chelos and stuff :D and they were totally christain! they preyed on stage and stuff.

i have never seen them live but i think that it would be so awesome to go and see them and i want to so badly

Their song Monster is one of the best!!! Awesome instruments and all! XD

that is one of my favorites too

but i like their older album better. there new one was a bit of a dissapointment. :I

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