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[PSP] DIGIMON WORLD Re:Digitalize [U:9/02/11] (Thread)

The developer of Eternal Sonata and Fragile - Namco Bandai revealed today that Tri-Crescendo, the studio behind all those games, is developing Digimon World Re: Digitize for PSP on the sites official blog.
Tri-Crescendo has also worked on sound components for games like Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean 3, and Radiata Stories. On Baten Kaitos and its sequel, the studio handled programming, sound and battle planning.

"Namco Bandai also opened an official blog for the game. The first post reveals that the concept for the game is a "return to the origins," in reference to the first 1999 Digimon World game. Re:Digitize is a completely new title but will inherit the basic game systems from the original. This is apparently being done because the original has received the most praise amongst fans compared to the various Digimon World games that followed."

Update: The first Trailer

lol at tags

lesse....tekken tag 2?

Tekken vs street fighter / vice versa?

what else...

i can't decipher much from the image so... I DUNNO. oh how i do love surprises <3 ^-^

LOL well that could be an idea. xDDD
But would that scenery really fit the game?
On the other hand, who knows, could even be a game for 3DS.
Even the source code doesn't bring more light in this case... not even the japanese stuff ...there's only BandaiNamco countdown site everywhere. GAH Bugs me to death! WANNA KNOW! xD

bet it's something like Ridge Racer 3DS or something really boring. All I can think about when I see the image is "Persona 4" ... ... seems like Atlus completely claimed a part of my brain. xD

Well, has anyone found some information yet? For all those who liked the art design of Devil Survivor it might be something special.
Or... not really, depending no how you like a certain Animation.

We know only little bits about the game at present. Artwork apparently shows scenes of a Tokyo residential area, which would match up with the countdown site's artwork. The genre is said to be RPG, and the name is currently just a placeholder. Character designs seem to be from Suzuhito Yasuda, who's worked on Devil Survivor and the DRRR Light novel.

UPDATED for the first post and the thread title. We finally know what it is!!!

well fuck, we're not going to see an English release.
Just like .hack//link.
it's a sad world we live in.

Oh really? Nearly every digimon game was also released in the US and Europe (UK) except the WonderSwan ones. So there's a pretty good chance that Bandai Namco will also bring the game to us.
Let's think about this for a second:

Unlike .hack Digimon has a HUUUGE ASS fanbase, dot Hack sadly wasn't so popular back in the days, even G.U. never got to european stores. So we have....

12 sucessfully released Digimon games (on various consoles like PSone, PS2 and NDS) and 5 dubbed seasons of Digimon anime.
3 to 6 .Hack games and 3 movies. (depending on where you live of course)

Fuck yes.Digimon World Re:Digitize for psp.The artist for the game?Suzuhito Yusuda the one and only artist for Durarara!! and Devil Survivor!

looks like shit to be quite honest.


Aw crap,forgot to search.Won't happen again ._.

hey, no big deal @Deathy xD You got some bonus cards anyway for mentioning that stuff all the time on other threads /shot

actually, its a good thing, since I haven't opened this thread yet although @Alkaid kept me updated since the countdown started :')

and yet another reason to buy a psp already xD

Aww no worries, thank you very much for advertising the game! :3

yeah, I wonder how it'll turn out to be, hopefully the digimon won't die so fast as in the first installment of the series. *LOL*
Needed hours n hours for my Angemon evolution. Hopefully Beelzebumon and Renamon as well as Tailmon will be in it! At least Greymon from "Savers"/Datasquad seems to be present.

woudlbe pretty aweosme if alll important oens where there, huh?

I played the first Digimon World for Playstation. I loved that one and this looks awesome. I hope this gets released in Europe.

Sounds ever so fun :3

Can't wait for it ^^

Kindly update when you have time :D

Actually this looks a lot better than the past games in the series. The graphics give a different feel and it looks more mature I'd say. Hope it gets an English release.

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