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similar (Thread)

Has it ever happened to you, that while watching anime or reading manga, you felt like it is about you. It could be situation or something else.
For me it was with Lovely Complex. I had similar complex about my height as the main heroine ^^ Only I am taller :p

Am I the only one who saw the title of this thread and thought it was gonna be one of those "OMG THIS SITE IS JUST LIKE THE ONE FROM DURARARA LOLOLOL SO COOL!!!"? Derp.

I thought it was going to be something like "Name anime characters that look similar!" glad it's not, other wise I would have to link them to the OTHER thread.

Hmmm, can't say I've seen an anime that I can relate to like that... If my life was an anime, it would be a very boring anime :/


I've had this experience a few times, but usually only in bits and pieces XD

Tatami Galaxy Episode 1 is basically my life.

@ammina SAME. I am exactly like Risa XD

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