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click the link if you wanna sleep tonight. (Thread)

i warned u bro.

Thank you.

I clicked.
No fucks were given.


That sure was scary.

Really. :/

Oh my, I near shat my pants. -_-*

.......... Contrary to your title, I'm so sure I won't be able to sleep after this /sarcasm

Was there supposed to be audio?..

I thought it would be something like Samuel L Jackson reading Go The Fuck To Sleep ;__;
I am dissapoint.

i second @Decae ... i'm on my pc at work (-_-;) ... ...

Guys, should I click the link?

I clicked the link you posted and nothing happened. 8D Derp.

I'm too lazy to copy and paste it into my browser. I will entertain myself by reading the comments to people who are less lazy than I am. trolololo

Anyhoo, clicked the link.


God fuck that scared me ; ~; atleast the heat from my legs disappeared after i saw that

lol that made me laugh

actually nothing happend at me just that weird kid and the site tried to open 30+ pop-ups wich was actually pretty funny

Cool story bro. It'll take a lot more than that to scare me.

What does pop-out anyway? Can't open it -___-

That was Ahem an interesting experience -.-

I won't be able to sleep tonight..

You have all just been virus'd.

Ill now have good dreams. thankz
lol sob

What the fuck is this shit? This thread has no insight at all whatsoever.
@NGH :Srsly, no fucks given.

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