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click the link if you wanna sleep tonight. (Thread) - Page 2

...huh wierd

HOLY FUCK!!!!!! Dude, that made me jump. XD

But it won't bother me at all later lol.

Great night of sleep tonight. No sarcasm.

awww~ i thought it was kind of cute <3

Its only a girl ^_^

Um, yay a face?
does not get point

Shat bricks.

I hate you now ill have insomnia or the rest of the week


Chrome Crashed, thanks bro.

OG I thought it was only an image until my speakers blew out with SCREAMING.
note to self: Don't put speakers on High.

O[]O oh fuck jfedjiahkjgfdhsge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My beloved and i were scared when we saw that.

that pic was me... without my coffee in da morning.

wtf wow that didnt make me sleepy a bit.......

zombies the things i always dream, of ....not sarcasm i love zombies .....

scary things the only things that scare me are my little pony scares the crap out of me

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