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Finally Back on Colorless :D (Thread)

it's been a year since i've logged in and it seems as though nothing changed (except that we have new people and more threads) so really i'm happy to be back. But it's a funny story of how i forgot my password and email...well i'll summarize it for you. While looking at videos on YouTube, i found out bout the Season 2 Durarara petition then i thought of colorless (man i havnt been on that in ages) so i came to website and tried to log in but i forgot my password. So i went to the emails i go to (i have three) then found out i have a fourth one! i was lik wth! i made another one! when! 0.0 but what really surprised me was that the password was similar to my other email. Then i found the activation email 4rm which was lik from last year (7/5/10) thats old mail! well i offically hav four emails! i just wanted to tell u my adventure of tryin to log bak in :3

Welcome back to colorless, friend! Hope you have fun here


who are you again x -o

WELCOME BACK! LETS BE (or rebecome, my memory is a piece of shite) FRIENDS!

thanks you guys X3

@Rasche_The_Red you dont remember me cuz u dont kno me silly! lol rly no one knew me..cuz i barely got i hav no friends :/

Nothing changed..? I see a lot, not just the threads and new people. D:

@lazymusician10 still x -o i shall be your friend!

Welcome back and nice to meet you! :D

I don't know who you are but welcome back!

Even if you are returning from a long absence this thread isn't necessary. Re-introduce yourself here if you must, but please refrain from making threads that are centered around yourself and lack the option of involvement within the community.

Almost everyone has said welcome back, but besides that this thread is pretty much one way. I'm not saying this to be mean or anything, but just advising.

Anyway Welcome back, have fun, and please don't hate me for doing this.

@Rasche_The_Red thnx ur nice :3

@kittymask nice to meet you to :3

@Dave thnx

@Settsuo-kun i dont hate you silly, im not a heartless person lol. i get wat ur sayin..i was think about re-intoducing myself in the welcome new comers thing but i was just being lazy lol :p (not called tha lazymusician for nu10)

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