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Anybody know of a good band i can listen to? :3 (Thread)

I loves music with a passion! i am a random music lova! (i mostly like metal bands cuz i love screamo) but i also love music of this year or later on! it all depends :3
I like metal of course, sum hip-hop, not really that into rap, I like country, really just name sum or post a link of what you think is good music that someone would want to listen to and myself of course X3 please and thank you :)

Heard of Dead by April? And stop with the whole "lovz/lik/wat/gud" It's not's annoying.

Daft Punk is a must. They're music of the Gods.


The Fray
GooGoo Dolls

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows.
Just saw them live, best concert of my life.

Rise Against
Rage Against the Machine
Three Days Grace
Nujabes ]~R.I.B.~[


some of their songs are inspired by anime as well if you couldn't tell from the title of the second song

........ Rock?


Pay money To my Pain

You can find and download all these for free on

  • Apocalyptica: they play hard-rock-cult music with cello's

  • Daft Punk ... obviously. If you find their album Discovery, try and get the music video's. Its all anime-like and if you watch it all in sequence it tells a story.

  • Hollywood Undead: it rap-core. Not my fav, but they have 2 pretty awesome songs. 'This love, This Hate' & 'Young'

  • Kamelot: battle-metal

  • Maximum The Hormone: Punk-rock-scream

  • Mindless Self Indulgence: Punk-rock. They have a female basist and female drummer.

  • Nightwish: goth-rock-cult

  • E Nomine: goth-cult-dance/trance

@Fieyr its not annoying it's music to my ears :3 an thnx i lik the song

@Ashkachan i <3 Daft Punk there awesomz

@astogaijin i giv u 10stars and beyond for naming them! there are amazing! XD

@AkiraSaki THEY ARE EPIC! I LOVZ THIS BAND! XD i hav lik a few of there songs now this one shall be added to my mp3 player :)

@Kuru thank you, you named all the ones i lovz in the BAD-ASS category XD

@Selef EPIC XD

@Momimochi 0.0 omg they sound so smexy X3

@Nomi you are my new friend, you said Apocalyptica that's enough said :D

animals as leaders

Yes "Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows" Is like the most freaking awesome band i've heard You should really check it out

Can't go wrong with System of a Down.

i think that avenged sevenfold is a pretty good one

or as i lay dying

Korn is a good band! (To me at least) XD

[Korn-Twisted Transistor](

BigElf is pretty good. There like a pink floyd/black sabbath/progressive rock combination. They are currently touring with Dream Threatre i think.

Rise Against is one of my favorites i guess

Ever heard of "Two steps from Hell"? They're quite awesome if I may say so xD

Sonata Arctica
Simon and Garfunkel

Me gusta.

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