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Your friend or a million dollars (Thread)

Which would you choose. Your friend or money.
And you can't have both.

Depends on which friend.

I was going to say exactly what @pockymahou said lmao.

Does my friend die? Does he seize to exist? If so, do I remember him?

yeah like what happens to the friend?

Be my guest, take one of my imaginary friends.
Thank you for the million dollars. o u o

Dinero por favor

Depends on which friend and how much money.
If it's a not-so-much-a-favorite-of-mine-friend, then I'll take the money.
If it's not-so-much-or-dirty-money, then I'll take the friend.

I can confidently say I'll choose the friend.

I doubt I'll choose the money even if it was somebody I didn't like.

Well, if the friend gets killed or tortured or harmed in any way, then of course I won't take the money no matter who it is.

Depends. Which friend is it? Is it a BEST friend? Or like okay so-so friend you couldn't give a shit about?
Will they die? Forget you even exist?
Specifics man.

Depending on those things, I may or may not take the money.

Sorry I didn't add detail. Your dying from a disease and the cure costs $1million. Your best friend is also dying from the same disease. You have a million dollars, would you choose to save your self or your friend?
Please don't ask for more details. It's all based on your actions.

meh, I'd have taken the money.

Now that you've added details, I have to say the situation is stupid.
It's not a choice between friendship and profit anymore, now its a decision between his life or my own. The value is the same on both sides. Meh.

I'd still take the money

My friend is worth more than a million dollars!

...But if you were talking about, say, TWO million dollars, well...
That's an entirely different situation on it's own.

Easy, save my friend. Why you ask?! Well, self sacrifice is a ticket to heaven with out that whole judgment thing. If you believe in that kind of thing.

Well, if nothing happens to the friend, then I'd take the money. My friends would understand, since I would spend the money on them. Party hard.

it depends on what will happen to the friend if i chose a million dollars
if nothing happens then i'd choose the money
if my friends get hurt then i'd choose them

U should of said best friend of million dollars, for me friend i dont really care about money have enough for a comfortable life so im okay

Well it depends.. if it's a close friend then I'd choose her/him but if not.. sorry. I'd go for a million dollars. But... why would you give me a million dollar? for a person?

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