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Your friend or a million dollars (Thread) - Page 4

@mizlily and you think a million dollars will?

Most of you people are picking the money for all the wrong reasons in my opinion. Don't you guys know what an investment is?

Even if you're the most NEET and Otaku person on earth, investing in people, be they friends or enemies alike, are gonna be more valuable in the long run. Money on the other hand, drops in value over time. It's not even a fair comparison of value because hell, even keeping a hobo is more valuable than a million bucks over time.

Don't believe me? Then why the fuck is human trafficking a thing?

In other words, if you picked money you're probably gonna end up as generic office worker #7,894,675,322 because you don't understand simple economics. If you picked the friend then congratulations! You're one step towards being an entrepeneur!

Yes, I agree with you but it isn't about money. It is about your life or your friend's life. It isn't a trade between 1 million dollars and your friend. It is a choice between keeping yourself or your friend alive. So you take the million either way. You decide who gets to stay alive with the million. I would wholeheartedly choose myself, no matter which friend it was. Yes, it is evil but we all know, deep inside, everyone would do the same.

As you said a human is more valuable than money. Either way, one human life will be lost. It isn't about money at all. The money shouldn't even be included. It is a decision between you and your friend. Who do you value more?

the money. friends always leave you in the end. you can always make new ones, but they'll eventually leave. Money would be the most rational choice

Id rather have my friends. money cant buy happyness

I would choose my friends. After all money comes and goes but true friends stay with you no matter what.

ill choose money then find help for my friend so everybody is happy LOL

I am forever alone already so. I'll just take the free money.

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