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what will happen? (Thread)

What will happen when this site closes down. I know the colorless has been around for a while, but nothing lasts forever. What would happen to you if the Colorless was no more?
Think long and hard about it.

You'll find your answer here:

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Won't close down. We got no expiration date.

The staff is maintaining the site, even financially.
There's no reason why this site will close down as long as we can pay the server costs via ads.
If you're worried about CL, you can also take the opportunity to Donate some money via Paypal (check the sidebar).

So yeah, this thread hopefully won't get into panic or whatever, please keep this in mind during the hypothetically conversation~

I'm not on CL that much so I probably wouldn't mind. Some threads are interesting and fun, yeah, but I can talk with Darci/Agata/Emelie/Etc. on Skype too (:

ok, then its a what if it closes question @DarkChaplain
and @Noodle,
that thread talks about If Colorless didn't exist
My thread is, if this site just suddenly closed.
@DarkChaplain ill donate whaen i get a paypal

Then I would have a bit of a sad :<

Who is this Darci/Agata/Emelie/Etc. you seem so fond of?

When it closes down, a lot of people might actually get real lives. Or look for some other hole on the web.

@DarkChaplain a real life? o_o wuts dat?
and no other hole on the web could ever replace this one :o

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