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Myer Brigg's Personality Test (Thread)

The Myer Brigg's test is a test that calculates your personality depending on how you answer the questions. I just took it and am an INFJ which made me wonder... what are you?

This is my info but there are links to the other types at the top of the screen.

I'm an INTJ, but only slightly introverted and thinking. Highly intuitive, and moderately judging. Also known as the Mastermind personality.

I = 11%
N = 62%
T = 01%
J = 33%

This site has a survey on it, and it works pretty well. It's not the real thing, but it's damn close. If you haven't taken one of these before, I'd recommend it. It's good to know yourself.

Well hello there, fellow INTJ. Though I'm expressed introvert and intuitive, moderately thinking and judging.

Ahhh, Cool stuff man. I have a close friend who's like that. It's hard to get him to talk unless we start studying for something together. @_@

I'm INTJ. Yo yo, word up, REPRESENT.

We already have a thread for this.

I'm an INFP :)

@NGH Oh, good job man. Woops.

I am an ISFP.
Qualitative analysis of your type formula
You are:
slightly expressed introvert
distinctively expressed sensing personality
slightly expressed feeling personality
moderately expressed perceiving personality

Sounds logical...o.0

No other INTP's here?

@InsaneBoredGame I'm an INTP too.

My mom was obsessed with this thing a while back because the fact that she's an INTP explains almost everything about her personality, lol.
I'm an INFP, but I don't exactly run around telling people to save the earth. >~>

I am a complete INTP. I read up on everything on the personality and it's... it's... it scares me how much it applies to me. 0_0

@NGH: Oh...

Has anyone else noticed that practically everyone on this thread is an introvert?

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