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Theory of end of world (Thread)

What is your theory of the end of the world?
Mine is that pollutions will combine and form a gas we can't breath and it will kill us all. A clever yet scary theory...

It's true I don't really believe in 2012 disasters and tsunamis will becaused by melting ice caps. Oh no! the worlds going to end in 2012 omg some one help omgomgomgomgomgomg! (I was being sarcastic haha)

Think of the universe as a bubble-gum which you are stretching to become larger and larger. It will form holes and eventually it will collapse.

That is the only true end of the world imo.
But I do believe the whole universe will contract and go back to its original state and thus another big bang will occur.
Neverending loop :D

I find this topic intriguing as well (:D), but the thing is, there isn't enough information as to what time has to do with the relativity of the universe. That being said, the world could end at any time, which opens up lots of gateways of how the end of the world is going to happen.

People bring the end of the world with their ignorance. Pollution, wars bla bla, they are all man-made. That is all I wanted to say.

I agree 100% with @GMYui

There's nothing "An end of the world". Just the end of the humans and your foolish actions.

im the end of the world as you know it

I will divide by 0

The end of the world is when you die. But in truth there really isn't an end to the world because no matter what Earth would still be here even if no creature inhabits it. When they said the end of the world, it mainly applys to humans, since we did come up with it and we, humans, think to highly of ourselves, that mother nature decided to torture us only.

What about when the sun goes supernova? OH.

But, seriously, I still believe man is going to kill themselves with their nukes eventually. Animals will be dead too, except the cockroaches.


@animeftw: I wish. That would be the most epic "end of the world" EVER.

Oh, speaking about that. We need a zombie survival thread. And meetup plans in a worst case scenario :3

@Noodle: I will organize. My name fits it.

@Noodle: & @Decae: I'll help, killin Zombies is awesome! As long as I get a cool weapon and theres heaps of blood, sure!

I think the world will end when Chuck Norris Gets bored

i think tha world will burn in fire.....i mean long ago the world was flooded in water so nxt is fire we will all burn! i think a huge heat flare from the sun will hit earth and just burn it all :p

@lazymusician10: and before water was rock and stone and before that was lava/magma. But thats a pretty cool way.

The world isn't going to end, at least not in our lifetimes. It's going to continue to exist in the same way it has for billions of years. The only change is going to be brought about by men, who are too smart for their own good, that continue to think of more effective ways to kill each other. Plunging us into global warfare and eventually bringing about our extinction. Then once we're gone whats left of the Earth will flourish, starting the evolutionary process over again and repeating itself like so much else in history.. Thats the nature of men. Its all an endless cycle.

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