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Theory of end of world (Thread) - Page 3

When the world ends, I'll be dead. Thus I control when the world ends.

Makes sense.

Our presence in "this world" could be that it is a projected hologram, linked into the processing units of a supercomputer that is GOD. simulating every possible outcomes of how the universe could be formed.
we are part of the holy programmer, and when we are birthed or nearing our end, we are in a simulation administered on a "computer." We could really be brains in a jar, only experiencing emotions; even that bullet wound is only a cheap simulation.
Thus, the end of the world is when the computer gets bored with its running program, or the computer is shut down. It could be that the computer is simply a projector, a player of video clips and we are en-framed in the films of countless simulations.

lol i liek dis idea~

Mine is that the Anti-Christ will come, trick us all, make one world order, people will start to die, God will come back raising the dead and everything else he wants to do, we will all either going to Heaven or Hell, and spend the rest of eternity wherever we ended up.....

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