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Which 2# voice actor/actress would you want to meet and why? (Thread)

I'd want to meet Todd Haberkorn & Vic Migonagana
I've admired their hard-work and dedication as actors both in anime and none-anime work. They're ispirational people who've gave me the courage and strength to work hard in order to get a Degree in the field of Liberal Art's!

'I hope one day to meet them at an Anime Convention!'

I've met Vic Mignogna (That's the correct spelling. It's italian.). I can tell you that he's freaking awesome and nice. I don't like dubs though...

I've also met Momoi Haruko. She's also super awesome 8D

They were both in Denmark at J-Popcon. Haruko performed on stage, singing songs from her animes and also stuff like

(God Knows) from Suzumiya Haruhi. She barely speaks 1 word of english, so they had a translater, who... Sometimes were too lazy to translate, lmao.

daisuke ono cause the kuroshitsuji anime songs he performed were awesome x10

Definately Kana Hanazawa, would take her on a date anytime. She also voices many of my favourite animes like Steins gate, deadman wonderland etc.

i wanna meet Namikawa Daisuke and Mamoru Miyano!!

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