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Worst food ideas. (Thread)

I think we've all have that moment sometimes, you're hungry, you feel like experementing a little, and you think you're the king of the kitchen. Or maybe you're just being plain stupid.

The result is something god awful, something... Not always quite fit for human consumption.

Or maybe I'm the only one stupid enough to do this kind of shit? Who knows... But either way, I'm gonna show you guys my latest masterpiece.


Start off with some good ingredients: Three part chocolate cake base, chocolate balls, "Punschrullar" (look it up), some M&M's, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. The perfect ingredients for the perfect cake. (No chemical X here!)

Make the first layer, chocolate balls on top of the first cake layer with whipped cream and chocolate sauce? Man, I am such a genius!

Second layer? Identical to first, except with aforementioned "Punschrullar" instead of chocolate balls, the idea is genius, and one shall not falter from it.

Third layer, tons of whipped cream on the side with a delicious chocolate sauce center... But something's missing... Is it not?

M&M's! OF COURSE! Man, this idea is genius, don't you think so? It's a combination of everything I like, of course it must be tasty. How about a view from the side though?


And actually, it was rather... Fine, perfectly eatable. So... That's the story of my worst cake ever, and if you want too, why not share some of your own bad ideas concerning food? don't lie, I know you've made stupid things in your days!

TL;DR: I made an awful cake, talk about your own awful food.

you better not knowing....

my sis and i once made fried potatoes with smoked fish... i still remember that smell..... x____X

It seems... delicious...

It just.. out of shape.

Take that cake to the Gym, and it'll be fine. o__o

My mom was making pancakes and bacon 3 days ago and told me to eat a piece of cooking chocolate with a piece of bacon. While I do love bacon and the bitter taste of dark chocolate they do not mix as well as you'd think.

never fry a banana. it tastes like a cotlet when it's supposed to be sweet.

One time, when I was younger, I was making mashed potatoes. I added too much butter, so it got really soupy. My first idea, not the best in the world, was to add flour. It regained it's proper consistency. However, it tasted like macaroni and cheese after I added some cheese to it.

If you dare.

Ok... i'll tell mine... Ice-cream (vanilla and strawberry flavored) + kvass.... We mixed them together (I was with my friend) and drank that... strange thing... SHe puked after and I found it rather tasty at the moment but later... Never... never ever.... NEVER TO THAT AGAIN!

A pickle, ham, peanut butter, and turkey sandwich...Its good initially, but after a while you feel like puking Dx

Once, more by accident than intentional, my big sister pulled a prank. She put tomato sauce, salt, periperi sauce and a handful of jalapinos in a blender, mixed it in my tea, then watched me gag and barf with a look of contentment on her face.

Way back 2007, I tried to make a soup with beer as its main ingredient. And yes it was hella awful! :|

my mom made me eat a popsicle she made when i was younger
she mixed carrot juice, orange juice and several other fruit juices (while it doesnt sound that bad, it actually tasted horrible XP)

Once upon a time...long, long ago, my friend and I mixed chocolate milk with hot sauce, chili powder, caramel, and a few other things and topped it off with a cherry.

And I drank it because I'm (or was) dumb like that 8D

It tasted awful.

One time when I was a kid, I tried to make an ice cream sandwich.
Literally. With bread.
It actually tasted pretty good <3

I was going to post something about this pancake recipe but I just ate two ribs, a half chicken, a burger, two mashed potatoes, a piece of corn on the cob, some potato chips, and four cups of water.

Now, I feel my stomach's gotta burst. Urrrgggghhh.....

Probably the worst food combination ever.

Ribena concentrate and Vodka from the genius idea of a friend of mine during a ski trip. NEVER AGAIN.

Being the idiot that I was, I mistook sugar for salt and oil for water. My fried rice became some deathly sweet semi-porridge. And I wasted some fine beef on that too.

Okay, I guess my stomach's calmed down.

Now then, I'm gonna tell you about the pancake recipe. It's not actual pancake recipe but rather something my cook made for me when I was a kid during one of the fits I had about wanting a particular cake.

So she just used whatever was available to try to imitate the cake and ended up with, well, a pancake, but not quite.

The ingredients are water, eggs, flour, cocoa powder, and coconut milk. Seems like a simple concoction but cooking it is another story.

See, she only told me the ingredients when I was in the middle school in which she had left, came back, and left again and never told me how to cook it. Then another cook was able to recreate the recipe perfectly before she too left. During all of this, I didn't bother to ask how to cook it.

So me and my sister decided to make it one day and rather than getting a delicious pancake, I got this weird chocolate mush and so to speak it was horrible. My sister however, cooked a perfect pancake.

Now, whenever I wanna eat this crap, me and my sister have a cook it yourself policy and it's ALWAYS 50/50 chance of it turning right for both of us so it's either mine's gotta be a mush or hers. We also have a no sharing policy so whoever ends up with the mush is gonna have to eat the mush or throw it away.

It's fun to make of course, since the gambling thing is so much fun. Of course it wouldn't hurt if me and my sister actually figure out how to properly make it and not end up with a mush 50% of the time.

Anyhow, everyone in my family can at least cook something so I've got some weirder ideas like cooking ramen with milk, fried rice with cheese, or a noodle lasagna but they all turned up great somehow so definitely not as bad as this pancake. In fact if it's weird food you want, we are THE people to go to.

Please visit our restaurant if that idea ever goes through. (shameless plug)

pancakes with meat. the cafeteria at the boardign shcool-like thigny im around now made that two weeks ago. i dotn even know why or what went on in their heads.

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