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First Set of New Mods, Site Ideas, and a Hiatus (Thread)

yes hello, everyone!

It's the first announcement thread in a while, and one with, hopefully, a good bit of information. This time, I'm announcing the first 5 new moderators, a couple ideas we have for additions to the site, and our Dev's short hiatus.

New Mods

First and foremost, I'd like to have everyone welcome our new mods! They have all shown that they are ready to join the crew, so we, the current staff, felt it was right to promote them, right away.

Joining the team are...

@Warlock - The most fabulous man on CL
@Decae - Cool headed, down to earth, yet full of fire
@Kirn - Ruthless shovel-weilder
@Nightlight - Old, without the 'faggedness'

Show them some love, and be sure to send them some tacos!

Both @Kirn and @Nightlight were mods, previously, and showed interest in being reinstated, while @Warlock, @Nandaba, and @Decae have all shown their stuff, and they they have what it takes to join our super secret awesome club.

These will not be the only moderators promoted, but were the ones on which the entire team agreed upon, without much discussion. It felts like a few of them were on the team already, to tell the truth.

Site ideas

Well, as things continue on, and we continue to grow, the site continues to grow, as well. New ideas are being tested often, and discussed within the staff. We always love to get feedback from the users, on anything drastic, and that will continue to be our modus operandi, heading into the future.

Comment Nesting

This one will probably have the most polorized feedback, I am sure.

What it would entail is the 'nesting' of comments within eachother. That is, to say, you can reply to a certain comment, and the post would show up under there.

I like this idea, as it can be a more fleshed-out alternative to the Thumbs up/down function. People will not clutter up the thread with posts merely saying "I agree", but will not be silenced by a simple, faceless "Thumbing Up" of a certain post. It will not cause the discussion to branch off in multiple directions, as comments only nest once, meaning you can only reply to a comment, you cannot reply to a reply to a comment.

The whole setup would be similar to this:

   | Thread Title                       |         
   |  First post                        |         
   |  Info, etc                         |         
   |  Cannot reply to this specific post|         
   |                                    |         
   |                                    |         
   |                                    |         
   |     Good reply                     |         
   |                                    |        
      |    +1,I like this, etc          |         
      |                                 |         
      |                                 |         
      |   "I'd like to add that ...."   |         
   |                                    |         
   |    Normal reply, no comments       |         
   |                                    |         
   |                                    |  
   |   bad reply, possibly off-topic    |  
   |                                    |  
   |                                    |  
      | "ur ghey, stay on topic, etc"   |  
      |                                 |  
      |  more off topic stuff           |  
      |                                 |  

As compared to this:

   |                                    |  
   |   Normal reply by "John"           |  
   |                                    |  
   |                                    |  
   |                                    |  
   |   Another reply by "John"          |  
   |                                    |  
   |                                    |  
   |                                    |  
   |     @John                          |  
   |     This is a reply                |  

What do you think?

Awesome Threads

Another great idea brought up was the idea of "Threads that are flagged as being good". Good would be defined as "generates on-topic discussion, with many good posts, and high discussion/entertainment value". Threads suc has well made game/project threads, philosophy, or call-to-attention threads could easily seen in this catagory, among others.

Now, let's say a thread is flagged as being good. Where do we go from there? We already have hearts, why do we need this?
Well, any system based on a metric such as "hearts" will not always lead to a good thread. There are many threads that are popular, that are inane, are filled with pointless rambling, and terrible spelling/grammar. These are not good threads. Popularity does not beget value.

Ok, now, where wil lthis go? It's been suggested as being in a little widget in the sidebar, possibly underneath "Activity". it would, ideally, update daily, based upon popularity and whether or not it is a 'good thread'.

Now, who will decide?
Well, anyone would be able to suggest that a thread be considered as good, througha button, but the end decision would be made by a member, or multiple members, of the staff.

Now, go and discuss this to your heart's content. It could definitely use some refining.

Banned Banner

The final suggestion, and one I definitely like, is the idea of having a banner/badge over one's gravatar in the threads and profiles, marking them out as being banned. You see this often on most every forum under the sun, and it could curb off posts to people that cannot even access the site anymore.


Sadly, our Dev, Gargron, is going on hiatus for two weeks. As he does the coding for the site, there will be no updates to it for these two weeks, and no fixes to the present bugs. Hopefully this won't be too big of a deal, as most all of them have been squashed out, save for one or two for the staff, and the odd chat bug in FF4.

So yes, that's about it! Expect more, smaller updates, in the weeks to come.


As an aside, remember kids! HTML character entities such as - are your friends when dealing with Markdown!
Mods. Great.

Awesome mods List, congrats and please take care of us! ^_^

I like the idea of comment nesting, makes it easier to follow the flow of conversation in a thread.

As for the flagging, having something other than hearts is a must, since I do not want to bookmark every single thread that I like, since some do not really have room to grow but I find amusing ^_^ So yes for flagging as good, for content over popularity. It means more work for mods though?

Good luck with everything.

Welcome to the new Staff members, firstly.
(@Kirn, we need your skype info for the Staff talk~)


Already stated my opinion in the mod discussion.
I don't like that at all. It might be a good thing to have for Q&As or Bug report threads, but in general, that is not something we need on a discussion board.
More personal trolling and offtopicness are being called in automatically, and there is no real value to the thread as a whole if it gets cut into smaller sub-discussions.
This might work for Help- or Supportsites, but on a real forum it has no place.

Having replies everywhere would be counter productive if we try to keep the flow of a discussion alive. Replies would break the chronological order of posts, they'd not necessarily be noticed by a lot of people who only read the latest pages and the clean post order would not be streamlined but interrupted anymore.

Awesome Threads

Well, I'd like to simply link to the dedicated thread on the Mod board.
Please check that one to keep a bit closer to our discussions; some of it has been discussed via skype, but we're not hiding our progress from you.


I really hope this one thing I've been trying to get done for ages will be implemented at last.
Banned people should not be mistaken for still being part of the community, people should not fall for them or think they're good examples.
To reduce these people making trouble, they need to be clearly visible as "rule-breakers" and such, and I think a overlay over their avatars (if not showing a specific "Banned" avatar instead of their gravatar) would be an easy but effective thing.


It's not only Gargron leaving for hiatus, but also @n1xx and @Lycan will be gone for quite some time.
I'll be around, and hope our admin and the other staff members left are going to be around as well.

If anything urgent comes up, please, shoot out a PM, I'll get notified via email when anything arrives and then can take care of it faster.

PS: No Dev for two weeks = no enabled Live Updates for two weeks = sad Loli for two weeks.

/woah...lot of mods ;__; I need to create a lot of characters/ (just here for collecting informations u//u")

Hang on, You get a badge for getting banned? That's awesome! I want one, I should get one.

New staff members! Great! More help for the current mods, I hope. ;)

Hmm, about comment nesting, I don't think it's really that helpful. In the first place, it is a forum discussion, threads. One won't exactly be replying to just one post, but many (most of the time), and I kinda find it convenient to reply to many in one post. Thus, we use mentions. Also, it would make things look cluttered (at least for me) and confusing, especially with live updates (?), though that probably will be taken out if comment nesting is to be done.

Well, in short, I would not really like it. ^^;

About the banned banner, just go with it. Makes things easier.

Hm... Congratulations!

i wanna be admin I'll do whatever it takes ^^

Congrats to the new mods! <3
I'm with @DarkChaplain and @candytenshi on post nesting. It just doesn't seem suited for a forum like this.

The "good flagging" idea seems good, as most popular doesn't always equate to good quality. There are some threads that are well-thought out and have quality content and discussion that I would like to see get some exposure, but can't really be bothered to bookmark and follow. =w=

Having a banned banner over a banned user's avatar or anything that indicates that someone is banned would be good: not causing confusion so that no one tries to contact someone who can't access the site and I guess giving an incentive due to LE SHAAAAME.

This is just my two cents. /o/


I never thought it would be me... dances around like a moron

Thank you very much for choosing me as a moderator. ^_^

I'm indifferent on the posting system. We really just need to see it in action, see if it makes threads more organized or not. As for the good flag idea, I think it's great. I think it will be great for us to distinguish threads that contribute a great deal, and so they will be more active, even if they're unpopular.

@Decae blame your great application, we were impressed~

@Babyboy_101 no.

As Insaneboredgame suggested; If I add an "ae", do I get to be a mod? :D

@Dec that's definitely a good idea

I like the new mod choices, especially Decae and Nandabadaba~ I do think there was an error, I didn't see Mein Fuhrer's name on the list. Not to worry, we all make mistakes sometimes...

I think the comment nesting is an interesting idea, but I'm afraid it will turn out like Livejournal. Tell me when it's up, so I can make a kink meme~

Congratulations to all the new mods! Awesome choices guys, look forward to seeing you guys in green.

Post Nestling
I think it could be a good idea. Often times, I find myself splitting my posts up in response to various people. If I could take my short comment into their turf, rather than breaking apart another post, that'd be fantastic. However, I think it should have small character limit. That way, you can bring in something short without trying to create a conversation there. For instance, say I like a submission posted in the AMV competition. I don't want to make a new post just to say "Good job, keep up the good work". I don't like the idea of a conversation branching out from another post however. If anything, the nestling should be leaves, not branches. They contribute, but don't expand or continue.

Awesome Threads
The prior conversation in the other thread covered all of my thoughts on the matter. I think it would be a good way to promote well thought and interesting threads, without having to attack the lack luster threads. Rather than damn the bad threads, exalt the good ones.

I don't know exactly how big of an issue this is in the threads, but I suppose it couldn't hurt anything. Would this banner apply to an account and all his mules, or just the one account?

But yeah, good work everybody. To the current mods, old mods, Acostoss and Gargron. Congratulations and keep up the good work. =D

Im just a baby //puppy eyes pwz// OwO

°3° ) ohoh nice ideas I am collecting, if you keep the idea of the banned thing, I can create something in the manga \o/

Congrats to the new mods :D
There were one person on the list I'm not quite sure I see as mod material. Don't get me wrong, that person is pretty awesome and I trust in the desicion that has been made (because I can't say I know him) and I am sure my opinion will be proven utterly wrong.

That reply system seems pretty cool. And what I love the most about it is that trolling won't need to cover everything anymore 8D If we use that system, flamewars will stay in one box and won't ruin the whole thread (+ they will be easier to follow~) :D

Cool, I know most of those people.

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