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First Set of New Mods, Site Ideas, and a Hiatus (Thread) - Page 3

To the new mods: "たちの世話をしてください" meaning: Please take care of us! TACOS TO ZE NEW MODS!!!

I hope the person responsible for fixing the bug gets back soon.... ( I know it says two weeks) Because the chat thing isnt working for me... (I have Windows internet explorer)

Internet Explorer is out of luck, you'd better get Google Chrome or at least Firefox, as the IE will give you trouble on all sides =/

@darkchaplain @kirn

Thanks for the info. I'll look into that. =)

Yo Ho~
Dear Acostoss,
After some careful consideration and displea...Okay fuck the formalities.

do you remember this thread?
"How to NOT look stupid when posting" I spent a good 10 minutes searching for it. I'd like you to do something about "WATERING IT DOWN" for the new users. Why I have brought this back up is that the more idiots I see making terrible threads and posts.

-Mucho Tacos

@Lumiex *really starting to like you* :3

Well the post above got a point, since we already have the perfect whiny example for prefarication see here for further information:
Caution the hate might blow you away

anyway I'd be more than willing to help out, if you have to much to do at the moment, I know administration work can be hard and tefdious especially when you're busy in real life.

just wanted to say that i replied to a question on twitter from the staff and would like to be credited. i am@Razorrebel. kthx

...and you are?
Also, being credited for a minor reply on a general twitter message? In your head...

@Alkaid So we concur bro? All right, well I'm still overseas but let's roll with the mission.

Also, I already sent a nuclear bomb over there, It won't be long before shit become like Hiroshima and Nagasaki sadly...

@Lumiex sure why not, oughta be fun to blow everything up. :D

I'll "prepare" germany then, a few C4's and those nuclear powerplants everywhere and things go boom. Might even take a certain dev with me that way.
It's kinda sad that we'll kill so many animals with that... but where wood's chopped splinters must fall.

I've got just one random question:
how do you get that reply box thingy around certain sentences in your post?

@TalTal19 Put the sign opposite to this < one in front of your paragraph/sentence

@InsaneBoredGame Ah, thanks~

So I believe that we should start structured examples. [Feels like 6th grade "YOU NEED A INTRO AND 2 BODY PARAGRAPHS MINIMUM AND CONCLUSION]

-detailed instructions of posting maybe other crap added in.
-More Special shit.

Ehhh this is what I'm considering important as of now probably.

Oh my god, @Lumiex is wonderfully META again 8D


@Lumiex good idea, we need to figure out how to hook those new ones in, that'll be the hard part or would that then be considered as "special shit"? *g*
Anyway joking aside for a few minutes:

We should shorten things up a bit so that it'll be cleaner, clearer and less to read... most of the users are really lazy when it comes to reading everything. Even though we should try to refrain from writing: we do that cause you ought to know all this you stupid poor S.O.B. or something equal to that.

Topic will be fairly easy, we know what we want the users to do and we know what they expect, a certain range of freedom. Cattle on a huuuuge ass green meadow with trees, sunlight, butterflies... an electric fence around it so to speak.

Introduction should be kinda fancy, otherwise those guys will think : yeah normal stuff, don't need to read through, just eating grass and shitting things up.

Reason: That one will be hard as hell no matter what the topic is, our/mod/admin reasons aren't those of the userbase, users are all "less doing as possible while getting the most out of it" style. That way we need to give a rewarding vibe off, which will be nearly impossible considering we're not some charity style club to give away prizes and money for every little thing done right.

Explanation might be easier once more (LUCKY!)

other points: well I consider detailed introductions as "special shit" 'cause if everyone was interested in fora structure this wouldn't be a problem. xD

So I guess we should make a topic for everything we cover in this "Tutorial". that way people will find most things a lot easier if they just want to know one single thing (or forgot how something works).
Hopefully this will make it easier for those guys who actually want to do some stylish stuff.

Sadly I'm not really familiar with markdown either, so there would be need for research on my side, which might take a bit more time. ^^'''

Oh and we should keep the abbreviations part at the end, you're right, that's really special stuff and it will be really helpfull for new internet users. ...just in hope they won't overuse it.


whoa.... sweet.......

orz back from hiatus/vacation

@Hika, Welcome back

@Alkaid, Yes...but I guess I emphazied on the point of "watering down" eh, I'm just about done-ish so head over and give it a good reading.

I kinda' didn't put in an intro, because the moment my ass was off the Airplane I was dragged to a BBQ of those ASIAN OLD PEOPLE PARTIES.

And Now I'm here, still sleepy and eating a whole can of Clam Chowder.

still loves my preview more than the actual markdown thing it was so evil! : ^ :

Good work on this one, it was easy to read/understand and I really loved the Spooky addition and the "more details" section of your work (especially because it's true).
Now I feel like I should've made my tutorial a little more badass and not: "oh my god write it nice and easy to understand. That way new people won't be stuck on how to figure out if you meant all of this kinda ironic/sarcastic." ^^'''

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