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Anime you grew up with (Thread)

so i was watching anime since i was like 3 yrs old... uhmmm the anime i grew up was bassically pokemon, yu-gi-oh, doraemon and detective conan, but mostly pokemon and yu-gi-oh, how about you guys what anime did you grow up with? why that? and do you still watch it now?


Yu Gi Oh
Dragonball Z

Awesome childhood.

sailor moon, monster rancher, digimon pokemon, YuGiOh, Yugioh abridged Dragonabll and sailor moon

didi i mention sailor moon yet?

yu-gi-oh 5ds is kinda stupid aint it?? card games on motorcycles WTF?

well i have seen worse

Card games in space for example


I grew up with cartoons mostly. Well, obviously I watched Pokémon, but that's about it..

Didn't start watching anime until 2 years ago. I've now seen ~3518 episodes of anime, which is about ~180 animes :3

i staretd with 5 years or so with sailor moon, then continuing with digimon, saman king, dragonball (Z), doremi, a little pokemon and all that stuff

Well, I started very early with Sailor Moon, like most people. Then I watched Wedding Peach, DragonBall, KKJ, Digimon, Doremi, Conan, Rurouni Kenshin, etc. It's so hard to remember...

I was obsessed with Sailor Moon and Pokemon, there was also
Rurouni Kenshin
Card Captor Sakura
YuGiOh (I only really got into that recently thanks to LK)
Gundum Series
Tenchi Muyo
Yu Yu Hakusho

dbZ, sailor moon, yu-gi-oh, pokémon, digimon

DBZ and Yu Yu Hakusho

i grew up with Captain Harlock , robotech , Macross 7 and Yu Yu Hakusho . Old stuff but still great to watch :P

hmmm... i think my first anime was sailor moon then dragon ball Z. of course i watch pokemon and digimon as well as card captor sakura

My first anime was pokemon xd after it I wasn't looking anime, because I haven't interested in pokemon. But later i've seen naruto and fma. All the same, my first anime was they,hah. Not so old stuff, but also good.

I saw naruto and fma, when I was 6 years old

I think the first anime I saw was Inuyasha, Detective Conan, Full Metal Alchemist, and Pokemon. Well I know for sure I grew up with these animes.

My were Pokemon, Medabots, DB, and DBZ

I watched Zatch Bell, Bobobobobobobobobobobo, Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon, Zoids, Yu-Gi-Oh.

First anime was the second Urusei Yatsura OVA, though it took me like 3 years to actually figure out what the name of it was, stupid television. After that there was Sailor Moon, DBZ, Robotech , Yu Yu Hakusho, and Silent Mobius.

Pokemon, DBZ, Gundam, YGO, Sailor Moon, Obvs Pokemon, Tenchi Muyo, Card Captors, and Magical DoReMi.

I was like 6 watching Gundam. My mom told me that I couldn't watch it because there were guns in it );

Mine were Pokemon, Digimon, Ranma 1/2, Saint Tail, Card Captor

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