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Crow'sClaw Collection (Thread)

Hello there i decided to share those songs from Crow'sclaw ^^. Some are remix from Tohou,fate/stay night or original creation. I hope that some of you will enjoy his work.
Here's some preview for those who doesn'T know him yet ^^

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Hey everybody, momo here! It seems that Lotto is too lazy to read the rules, or is too cool to follow them! If Lotto had read/followed the rules, the would have seen Rule number two, which reads as: Posting illegal, offensive, adult, racist and other inappropriate materials is prohibited.

Music sharing is illegal, THUS, posting links to such things is against the rules. If these links go back up, you can expect a ban.

Have a great day!

Nice opening, I didn't know about Crow's Claw. Thanks for sharing.


I really liked Crow's Claw in the past, nowadays it's a bit too metal/hardrock-ish for me.
I'm glad that you post it here but...isn't it kinda mean for the artist to post download links here? It's like ya wanna say "hey you love it right, here you can get it for free, without rewarding the hard working guys"

@Alkaid i purchased some of its album but some are region lock :( and its hard to find. If people like it, they should buy it. If there is 2 many moral issue about this share i'll take it off the forum.

Do you even realize what Region-Locked or Region-Restricted means?
It means it does only play on devices in that certain area. You can't play a X360 game from Europe on US or JP X360s, you couldn't play PAL PS2 games on NTSC PS2s.

This is MUSIC, CDs which can be played EVERYWHERE.

Hard to find indeed, yes, since they're mostly comiket stuff and that means only really sold in japan, but that's about it.

As for the Links to download the albums:

Take them down. The thread is alright, and I do not want to delete it, but the links are against the rules, as we do not support filesharing of illegal material on here.

@DarkChaptain lol my bad didn't mean to write region lock. Just that the cds/digital are mostly sell in the Asia area. The link are down.

Well, I already knew Emiya, Thousand Chain and The end of 1000 years, I think I'll check the others out too. :)

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