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HELP! Please, help me win a contest! (Thread)

So, I feel really awkward about this, but...

Colorless, I have a favor to ask of you:

I entered the Imagine Better Art Contest and right now it's in the voting period. Could you perhaps vote for me?

Here is the link to my artwork:

However, you would have to register on the site to vote. (I think it's a good site, though)

Also, if you dislike the artwork, I am not asking you to vote for it. Thanks.

Not one, huh?

I would.. but I dont feel like going through the hassle to sign up.. plus spam mail.. i have enough.. good luck though

Eh,I just voted for you.Most people don't really like going through stuff unless it benifits them :P so don't expect like 50 votes out of no where.

@Deathy Thank you so much! I know not to expect much, I know. Thanks.

As far as I know though, they don't send much mail, if any at all. (Just to make a point.)

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