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Nintendo,Why Won't You Let Me Give You My Money? (Thread)

This guy is so fucking awesome.

damn. he cool he cool.

I want him as my lawyer.


He should run nintendo.

Can I marry him?! XDDDD MY HERO!! LOL

that is some voice. He sounds a little like seth mcfarlane.

@Izic I know right? His voice is molesting my eardrum, and it's perfectly alright with it.

@Izic @VivoDePyre

He sounded like the Kool-Aid guy when he sain "Oh Yeah!"

He's a beeeeaesssst :D

"Ooh, ya" -Duke Devlin Yu-Gi-Oh Abridges series

I swear, they sound exactly the same xD
The only thing missing is this playing in the background

I love this guy :D

"You make me sexy... You won't like me when I'm sexy."

@Noodle Lol they do sound a lot the same.Except the guy in the video's is much more deeper.

This guy is amazing

my god
he is good OAO

@noodle I played that song while watching the video again it was perfect

@Noodle What theme music? 8D

This man deserves my money....I MEAN NINTENDO....
but dat voice compels me OAO

Oh gawd! Dat voice! Dat money! I want it! :D Hahahaha! This video made me laugh @Deathy! He's so amazingly cool and persuasive!

I wish he would say "Mr. Anderson...."

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